School can be really changeling especially when you have a family and full-time job.I have my associates degree in Elementary Education, my Bachelors degree in Legal Studies, and my Master’s in Education. Within those six years of education, I wrote countless english essays, term papers, research papers, and reports all which required different formats. The time these papers consumed is overwhelming to still think about. Having an example essay was a great assistance when helping me format my papers.

My first year of my Master’s degree, I had completed 22 pages for a large research paper. My computer went haywire and completely ruined the file. After having three computer technicians try to fix my computer and recover my file, I was told to give up because it was not coming back. I cried and cried. There was so much time put into that paper and not to mention the due date that was quickly approaching. I had to spend day in and day out to complete that paper. I wish could have found a well written, non-plagiarized essay online to turn in.

Having a writing expert to draw from in a situation like I experienced would have been perfect. Someone to help me with final editing, proofreading, or even write my whole paper. I feel my situation would not have been as stressful.