Custom Made Gifts

Custom Made Gifts

I absolutely love to give custom made gifts for my family and friends.  I would much rather give a gift that has a personal touch than one from a generic retail store.  My sister waits until the last minute to buy a gift and then she typically goes to a drug store and grabs something.  I promise I have gotten some of the weirdest gifts from that girl!!  I once got a gift bag with a candy bar, a pack of gun, band aids and shampoo!  I mean really?!  Shameful!  I want people to know I put thought into their gift and that they are special to me.  I want people to know they are worth the time and effort I put into my shopping and selection.

Toggle Tails is a fantastic shop from Etsy that is dedicated to offering you a high quality item that has been made to your specifications.  Libba Guyton is the proprietor of Toggle Tails and she is available to make you the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion.  Libba works with each customer one on one to make sure she has a clear vision of what that customer wants.  With her attention to detail, she will craft an item that will blow you away!  Not one thing leaves the Toggle Tails shop unless it is absolutely perfect.  Another side of the business at Toggle Tails is the custom jewelry Libba makes.  You will not find two pieces of jewelry from Libba that look alike.  Each piece is a design that Libba has painstakingly created just for you.  You can learn more about Toggle Tails by liking them on Facebook.

Personalized Housewarming Gifts

I found Libba while I was searching for personalized housewarming gifts.  My bestie moved into a new place and I wanted to give her the perfect gift.  I loved the variety Libba offers in Toggle Tails and I knew she would be able to make a thoughtful and cute gift.  When I chose an item from Libba’s shop, she emailed me right away to let me know it was out of stock.  Libba was so thoughtful and I know it may seem silly but for some reason, I got the feeling she truly hated that she did not have what I wanted!  I really have not had the kind of personal and genuine customer service that you will get when you visit Toggle Tails. Libba and I came up with a small bucket that she would decorate and monogram for my friend.  When the bucket came, I could not wait to open it!  The bucket was painted in a creamy off white and she decorated it with deep purple polka dots and monogram.  To add a personal touch, she put a beautiful and delicate ribbon in ivory and purple that matched the bucket perfectly.  When my friend saw her gift she was actually a little teary eyed!  I can assure if you want something special, Libba can hook you up!

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