Custom Made Home Accessories

Custom Made Home Accessories

If you are in the market for a new look for your home, why not check out custom made home accessories?  I absolutely love to have items in my home that have been made especially for me.  That just makes me feel so special to know someone took the time to create the perfect thing for me.  I have hand-made curtains, pillows and even a dog bed in my home and they are my favorite pieces.  The other reason I love to buy hand designed items is because I am directly supporting the person who has made the item for me.  There is something to be said about buying directly from the artist as opposed to buying from the major chain stores.

One evening I was looking for a shower curtain for our main bathroom and I had been having the worst time finding one.  I was really discouraged and the very last website I looked at was like a dream come true!  Deny Designs is a completely unique store that combines a love of arts with a need for stylish home décor.  Deny Designs takes the original art from a pool of very talented artists and transfers that art onto a duvet, a shower curtain, a pillow or even a clock!  Everything made at Deny Designs is printed as a custom made order in the USA.  I must warn you before you were to visit Deny Designs.  You must allow yourself a LOT of time because there are so many amazing works of art to look through.  I chose the design called Blooms from an incredibly talented artist named Khristian Howell.  Howell uses bright colors and explosive patterns that seem to jump off the screen at you.  She has been chosen to work with such names as Better Home and Gardens, Robert Kaufman fabrics and Eddie Bauer, and that is not the complete list!  I have not met Khristian personally, but I imagine she has the personality that reflects her art; bright, fun, whimsical and exuberant.  I am just thankful to have been lucky enough to have an original piece of art from this very talented artist.

Colorful Designs For Shower Curtains

It took me forever to find any colorful designs for shower curtains I liked.  I love bright and bold colors in off-beat patterns.  I love to find something unexpected when I am decorating.  I love to have an eclectic combination of things in my home that express my tastes in the designs.  When I chose the Kaui Blooms ($89.00) design from Khristian Howell, I knew I was going to get a fantastic shower curtain.  When the package arrived I tore it open and went straight to the bathroom to put my lovely shower curtain up! It is so much better in person than I could have dreamed it would be.  It has brought such personality into my bathroom and although my husband thinks it is too “loud”, I think he will get used to it!

One reader will win a shower curtain of their choice from any artist at Deny Design, valued at $89.00

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  1. I currently have about 22 of DENY’s wonderful Shower Curtains on my Wish List – but I also genuinely fell in love with :

    (Queen Size)

    And also (in King Size) either a matching Duvet or a complementary design by Conner On Donnell such as one of the TREE STUDY designs : Four, Five, 12, and 17. I just love them! Matching wall art and jewelry armoires would be a nice touch at well! I LOVE DENY!

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