Custom Made Personalized Gifts

It has been my experience that custom made personalized gifts are typically a popular gift for all occasions..  As my kids get older, I see them become more aware  that they are unique individuals.  For KittyKat it has been tough to remain an individual in middle school when peer pressure is pushing you to be part of the crowd.  When we purchased a few school supply items with her name on them, you could almost see her sigh with relief.  I think she felt comforted that at least for part of her day she can still be a kid who has her name on her lunchbox!

Have you been to Frecklebox?  Oh must go visit their online store.  This company has everything but the kitchen sink available to put a name on.  There is a huge selection of merchandise  just waiting for someone to mark as their own.  Everything you purchase from Frecklebox is made of the finest materials and the personalization is printed with the best hi-tech laser printers.  When you buy a book from Frecklebox, you are going green as their books are printed with recycled materials.

One of a Kind Gifts For Kids

I could not be happier to give one of a kind gifts for kids that my kids truly enjoy receiving.  When Frecklebox offered some of their awesome products to review, I jumped at the chance.  With TheHenMan being home-schooled, he gets KittyKats hand-me-downs from her public school stash.  I can tell you he was not thrilled with the purple notebooks that were passed on to him recently.  I chose the place mats for each kid and allowed them to choose the style, font and color for the lettering.  We have used these durable easy to clean mats for just about everything;  meals, play doh, painting and planting our container garden.

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