Custom Monogrammed Accessories

Custom Monogrammed Accessories

If you are a fan of custom monogrammed accessories for yourself or for your home, you are in good company.  I recently attended a child’s birthday party for a family friend.  Instead of the usual plastic goody bags filled with little plastic toys, pencils and candy, the kids each received a reusable lunch bag with the child’s initial on it.  When I asked my friend how she could afford that, she told me it was actually less expensive to give out the monogrammed bags rather than the other.  When I thought about it, I realized how much money I have spent in the past on those goody bags.  I am guessing each bag with all the goodies ran me somewhere around $10 each, while my friend spent $6.50.  I was really surprised at the difference between the two.  That sure did give me an idea of what to do at Caitlin’s birthday party in October.

Monogrammed RobeIf you are looking for a place that offers monograms and personalization on just about anything you could imagine, The Pink Monogram is THE place to go.  Monica Smith had been a first-grade teacher in SC for 20 years before she decided to branch out and make a go of owning her own business.  Nine years ago Monica quit her teaching job and jumped into the business of monogramming.  In such a short time, Monica accomplished a coup that few people could ever hope for.  In 2007, Monica’s business was nominated for Business Person of the Year by Greenville magazine, which is based in SC.  In 2008, Monica climbed to the top of Mount Everest (metaphorically speaking of course) when The Pink Monogram made in into Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine and that boosted her company to be one of the leaders in the monogramming industry.  In 2010, Monica was once again recognized for her unique and very eye catching monogrammed clogs (as shown below), which appeared in the July issue.  What is a breath of fresh air is how personable Monica is in spite of her success!

Personalized Apparel And Gifts

Personalized Apparel And Gifts

I have reviewed a few companies that make personalized apparel and gifts, and they are fantastic companies.  What I love about The Pink Monogram is how much inventory she has to offer.  You really need to take a look at The Pink Monogram online because I am telling you, you will not believe it!  After getting some great advice, I finally decided on the monogrammed spa robe (ARV $45.00).  I love the waffle weave texture to this cute kimono style short robe.  What I love is the 2 pockets on the robe.  It can be tricky finding a robe with pockets, so when I saw these nice and deep pockets, I was a happy camper.  I decided to give this to my daughter who has never owned a robe!  I know, right?!  I was also very impressed with the very professional stitching of the monogram.  I hate it when I get something monogrammed and the stitching is so loose that it begins to unravel after a few uses.  The other thing I hate is when the stitching is so close together that you can’t discern from one letter to the next.  I am here to tell you that The Pink Monogram has earned their reputation not by luck but by doing some darn fine work and doing it consistently over the years.

One reader will win a spa robe in their choice of color and monogram, based on availability ($45.00)


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  2. The Bel Tempo Bath Linens From Matouk are definitely my favorite products! The monograms are awesome!

  3. The medium drop necklace with faceted bead chain from the real light jewelery collection is my favorite.

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