Custom Nail Solutions

Custom Nail Solutions is the perfect way to keep your nails looking great all the time! When I’m not at home chasing my two kids around, I’m at the hospital working my second job as a nurse. Neither one of these jobs are very easy on the nails! Most of the time my nails are short and I rarely have on nail polish. I like the look of manicured nails but don’t have the time to go out and get them done on a regular basis. I also don’t like the idea of applying unnatural acrylics, risking damaging my own nails and possible nail infection. Custom Nail Solutions are custom-fit nails designed especially for your individual nail beds.

Custom Acrylic Nails

If you are in the market for artificial nails but don‘t want custom acrylic nails, look no further than Custom Nail Solutions. I discovered Custom Nail Solutions while searching for way to have beautiful manicured nails without the damage to my real nails. The Custom Nail Solutions nail veneers are made of Plastic-Flex, a high-impact thermoplastic that is UV protected, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Each nail is applied with a non-toxic adhesive and are guaranteed not to chip, crack or break.  The nails come french manicured but can also be painted with any nail polish that you want!

Custom Artificial Nails

I was excited to open my impression kit and start the process of creating my custom artificial nails! The impression kit included the white and yellow impression materials, 10 finger trays, 2 spoons and an instructional video. When I first received the kit, I was a bit nervous that I was going to mess something up with the impressions. The instructional video walked me through every step and made it very easy to understand. There was also a detailed instruction book that was a great reference while I was actually making the impressions. My husband watched the instructional video with me and assisted me with the impressions , which made the process so much easier. We had the material mixed and impressions done in about 10 minutes! The kit comes with a return order form and a UPS return shipping label to make it easy to send back.

Artificial Nail Application Tips

Once I made the impressions, I started to read about artificial nail application tips. The information from Custom Nail Solutions gave me detailed instructions on how to apply and remove the nail. The application process is simple and involves just two steps, applying the adhesive and applying the nail veneer at a 45 degree angle. Once the nails are applied, you can paint your nails with any nail polish. One thing I love about the Custom Nails is that they come with a French manicure finish so there is no need to apply any other nail polish, unless you want a different color. To remove, simply soak fingers in the De-Bonding Solution provided and remove with a cuticle stick.

I am anxiously waiting my new custom nails to arrive and will post an update as soon as I receive them.  Follow Custom Nail Solutions on Facebook for the latest product information.

UPDATE:  I just got home from a long week in Northern Georgia.  Despite having a car full of luggage to unpack, I had to run inside and check out my nails from Custom Nail Solutions.  I was so impressed at the beautiful package  and everything that came with the nails.  The kit came in a beautiful pink bag to keep everything organized and neat.  The kit came with everything you need to apply, remove and care for the nails.  I was shocked at how perfect the nails were and how realistic they looked on my hands.  You never would know that they weren’t my normal nails!  You can tell that these nails are custom designed for YOUR personal nail beds.  I am truly impressed!  Thank you Custom Nail Solutions!  Can’t wait to rock these nails on New Years Eve!!

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