Cute Flip Flops For Summer

Cute Flip Flops For Summer

Where are all the cute flip flops for summer?  It seems every store I go to, all I can find are your standard plain flip flops. Granted you can find these flip flops in a ton of colors, but they are still so plain!  If I go to one of the larger department stores, I can find cuter flip flops with beading or ribbons, etc., to decorate them.  The problem with those shoes is that they can cost anywhere from $25 -$35 and they just are worth the money!  With that price tag, I am resigned to buy the $5 boring flip flops from the local discount store.

FlipOut Sandals is a company with a unique and adorable concept for flip flops.  What began as a quick fix for a photo shoot in the Caribbean, turned into a concept that is spreading like wild fire across the country.  Cheryl Hamersmith-Stewart and Tracey Hunter, the creators of FlipOut Sandals, were on a photo shoot with their advertising agency and the models shoes needed something extra.  The two took a pair of flip flops and added some bling and that sparked an idea that would be removable jewelry for women’s and girl’s flip flops.  Unlike other companies who have added decorations to their flip flops, the FlipOut brand screws on and off to you don’t need to worry about the accessory falling off.

Flip Flops With Removable Jewelry

What a cool idea it was to create flip flops with removable jewelry!  I LOVE to wear flip flops pretty much all year round, so adding jewelry to them is right up my alley.  I was given the opportunity to review not only a pair of FlipOut Sandals for myself, but I was able to receive a pair for Caitlin as well.  Caitlin is just like me; she loves to wear her flip flops!  We each received our FlipOut sandals as well as an additional set of jewelry for each of us.  These are the cutest things I have ever seen!  One of the sets of jewelry is like painted metal while the second set is with crystals.  When the sun hits them, they make rainbows on the wall!  As you can see from the pictures, Caitlin’s (the aqua) have been worn every day since we got them.  I have too actually but mine are black so you can’t tell!  I must tell you these are very comfortable and the jewelry does NOT bother your feet like other flip flops that have a charm or jewelry on them.  I have a pair of flip flops with removable flowers and they turned my feet green!  Ew.  I LOVE my FlipOut sandals and so does Caitlin.  We can now go out together and rake in all the compliments we get from our pretty shoes!

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