Cute Kids Accessories For Summer

Cute Kids Accessories For Summer

Now that school is out, you need to start thinking about all the cute kids accessories for summer!  If your kids are going to sleepovers, camp or a weekend at their Grammy’s house, they will need a cute backpack and lunchbox to make the trip a bit more fun.  You can’t have a treasure hunt without a colorful notepad to keep track of your treasures and you can’t go for a bike ride without a great looking aluminum sports bottle, can you?  My kids are no exception to the “I need new summer stuff” creed heard the day after school ended for the summer!  I have some creative and inventive kids and they come up with some really fun ideas.  The other night they took their cameras and note pads outside and did a video scavenger hunt.  It was pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Whoops Bunny is by far the cutest, most creative and colorful online store for all your kid’s needs.  You can find everything you could want for you kids, all in one place!  If you want those colorful sports bottles or the cute note pads or even the awesome backpack they need for that overnight trip that is coming up, you can find them at Whoops Bunny.  If you go the Whoops Bunny homepage, you will see a line that will tell you exactly what the company is all about.  “How you handle life’s whoops moments is up to you.  Choose to bounce and express your inner bunny. Our brand will hop in to help”.  You can’t get more carefree and happy than that statement, don’t you agree? I absolutely agree there is a Whoops Bunny in all of my children.  How about yours?

Age Appropriate Makeup For Tweens

One of the products from Whoops Bunny I was most interested in was their age appropriate makeup ($20.00) for tweens.  Caitlin will be 14 in a few months and she has been nagging me to let her wear makeup.  I honestly don’t remember how old I was when I was allowed to wear makeup but I do remember being in my Gram’s bathroom while she applied this bright green eye shadow on me!  And may I say I looked gooood?!  When I was a teenager, it was in the mid-70’s so the bright greens and blues were very popular and if you wore earth tones, you were considered BORING!  Well, Whoops Bunny has the perfect solution.  They have soft colors for your lips, cheeks and eyes and they are easy to apply.  They don’t contain any harsh chemicals and are safe for your girl’s skin.  What I loved the most is how demure and subtle the makeup is.  Caitlin looked like a lovely young lady in her Whoops Bunny make up and not like a circus clown!  We also were also given a cute pencil case ($10.99 to keep the make up in, and a set of really cute hair bows ($14.99).  I am thankful to Whoops Bunny for making the transition into becoming a woman for Caitlin and I easier than it could have been.

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