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Cute Pajamas for Women and Girls From Punjammies Sweepstakes

Cute Pajamas for Women and Girls

If you are in need of cute pajamas for women and girls, I bet you noticed how lame they are, how poorly made they are and how expensive they are!  I absolutely hate going shopping for pajamas for all of those reasons!  I actually learned how to sew, in part because I could make pajamas for the kids for so much less.  That is until the price of fabric sky rocketed and then it wasn’t worth the time We have been going to the thrift store lately and even they don’t have anything worth taking home, even if they cost less than a dollar. Where in the heck do you go when you buy cute night clothes for your family?  Well, let me tell you where you can go…

Punjammies is by far my spot light company this month.  This is a company whose heart and commitment to enslaved women and children is by far the biggest I have ever read about.  I usually tell you about the clothes, but honestly, this is not about clothes at all.  This is about who makes them and where they are made.  I weep as I am typing this review and I hope my words do the same for you.  In 2005, Shannon Keith took a trip to India that changed her life.  She saw young girls, orphans and mothers who are forced to sell their bodies at the gain of their “pimp”.  This disgusting practice compelled Shannon to form the International Princess Project.  Her Punjammies products are made in after-care facilities for women who have been rescued, been released or escaped from living in forced prostitution in India.  The message they have been fed is how worthless and unnecessary they are instead of how beautiful vital and important they are.  Can you imagine your own family selling you into prostitution when you are a young girl?  What is the going price for a young woman these days?  Many times, it isn’t much at all.  Once the women come to the after-care facility, they are able to learn a trade as well as find help in rebuilding their spirit, body and mind.  This statement from Punjammies says it all: Every pair of PUNJAMMIES™ tells the story of a woman who was, once, voiceless. When you buy her PUNJAMMIES, you are key part of her path, out of modern-day slavery, into a life of hope, dignity and freedom.  Wear PUNJAMMIES™. Wear hope.

Comfortable Lounge Pants

If you want a pair of the most colorful and comfortable lounge pants EVER, then you have read the right review!! I was given two of the most adorable sets of lounge wear/pajama sets I have seen in a very long time!  First we tried on the Nagu long pant with the white, pink and black design ($35.00) and the black Rajeswari tank ($21.00).  So stinking cute!!  The next set we tried on was the Blue Fair Trade Organic tee ($21.00) and the Divya mini (shorts) ($19.00).  All of the clothes from Punjammies is incredibly soft and comfortable and so well made it is not quite believable!  To know that those clothes were made by a precious woman who has been given the gift of a second life, makes them all the more comfortable to wear.  I can’t say enough about this company and I hope that you won’t be able to say enough either!  Spread the word about Punjammies!  Every sale keeps a woman safe and working at the after-care facility.

TWO readers will each win a pair of Capri or full length Punjammies pants (retailing from ($19.00-45.00)

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  2. Kelly! You are awesome. I am the social media volunteer with International Princess Project and it is SO encouraging to see you help spread the word about our work and PUNJAMMIES!! Thank you for speaking up for these ladies and for giving a voice to their story.

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