Cute Shoes For Back To School

Cute Shoes For Back To School

Well folks, it is time to be looking for cute shoes for back to school.  Where has the summer gone?  I swear school just ended a few weeks ago, but it has been out for almost 8 weeks already!  Now I am in panic mode to get Caitlin everything she needs for school.  With a school uniform policy at Caitlin’s school, we aren’t as tapped out with clothing.  She can only wear pants or skirts with no embellishments and we buy her tops from the school.  The only area we can show a bit of personality in is her shoes.  So, the search has begun for comfortable shoes that are also cute.

LAMO (pronounced Lah Moe) is a chic footwear company based just outside of LA.  Now you know they must be trendy if they are in LA!  The LAMO footwear is inspired by the breezy comfort and style of the beach with a bit if edginess sprinkled in!  LAMO has put a twist on comfort with their signature sheepskin which is in every pair of shoes.  If you are familiar with the UGG line, then you know how comfortable sheepskin is.  I am not talking about the cheap imitation Fugg (fake Ugg), I am talking about real Australian sheepskin from the softest sheep in town; Australia Merino sheep.  You can see more of the LAMO shoes on their Facebook page.

Trendy Shoes That Are Comfortable

It is not always easy to find trendy shoes that are comfortable.  Luckily, I was given the opportunity to review another great pair of shoes from LAMO.  I knew from my previous review of the sandals from LAMO that these shoes are by far the most comfortable I have ever had.  When Dorothy Mannfolk from Mannfolk PR (one of my fav PR firms)  sent me the photos of their moccasins, I knew I was in!  Caitlin has been asking for moccasins for a while but I haven’t been able to find them in the kid’s shoe department.  After our growth spurt this spring, it appears Caitlin is now in a women’s size 6, so the moccasins from LAMO were just what we needed.  When the magenta Moca Moccasins ($69.00) arrived, Caitlin could not have put them on fast enough.  These shoes are THE BOMB DIGGIDY!!  They are soft and supple and look so cute on her!  When she tried them on with her new jeans, they were just perfect!  Thanks to LAMO for making my daughter so happy!

One reader will win a pair of the LAMO Moca Moccasins ($69.00).  Colors and sizes are based on availability.

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