Cute Shoes For Teenage Fashionistas

Now that Caitlin is 15, she has transitioned from being a little girl and is on her way to becoming a woman. This is a period in a mother’s life that is one of the most bittersweet. It is such a joy to see your daughter blossom into a young lady while you mourn the loss of the little girl she was. As Caitlin has grown, so has her tastes in clothing, shoes, accessories and just about everything else. She has developed into a shoe-aholic, just like her mother and her older sister, so that was not a surprise. We have already had to buy additional shoe holders for her growing collection. Although Caitlin will tell you she is ready for adult shoes, I know she is not quite at that point yet. I had been finding it difficult to find any shoes that were appropriate for her age group in the local stores. I finally took to an online search and the shoes from Venettini Shoes caught my eye. They have a large selection of shoes for all age children’s groups that will look fantastic on all their tootsies!

Cute Shoes For Teenage Girls

With the Venettini shoe line, you will find that each shoe is made with high quality, fashion, and comfort at the forefront. Since the first Italian artisan crafted the first Venettini shoe almost 25 years ago, they have strived to perfect their products year after year. Each pair of shoes from Venettini shoes are still mostly hand-made, making each pair unique. They have a huge selection of styles, colors, and custom materials and all the materials are of the highest quality. You will be hard pressed to find this quality on other children’s shoe brands. Because each child’s safety is very important, every Venettini shoe is tested to meet or exceed child safety standards.

Caitlin was sent the gorgeous Sofia in the black patent leather, which sells for $84.75. The slip on moccasin style makes this loafer a must have for any child in your house. They are made with premium leather upper, decorative stitching and a beautiful bejeweled bow at the toe. The leather lining is soft and breathes to give your child’s feet the comfort they deserve and the flexible rubber outsole ensures you they are made to last. These shoes look as great with a pretty dress as they do a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Caitlin has worn these cute shoes for teenage girls at least twice a week to school and cannot get enough of them. You can find shoes for your toddler, child and youth boy or girl with prices ranging from $70.00 to $84.75. Be sure to check the clearance section for additional savings and follow Venettini on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with their latest news.