Cute Women's Clothes On A Budget I love clothes, as I am sure a lot of us ladies do. I wish I had a lot more in my closet, but since my closet is a bit small, it is probably better that I do not! I have been so focused on getting Caitlin her clothes for the school year that I let myself go to the side. I am beginning to get out and interact more in the professional world and my clothing is not exactly up to par. I have been a WAHM for so long that pajama pants and tee shirts became my uniform! I guess it is time to change that, what do you think?! The only issue I have is finding cute women’s clothes on a budget. Who has the money to go out and spend on a whole new wardrobe? Not me, that is for sure. With the clever business concept from Gwynnie Bee, you can dress in style without breaking the bank or busting your closet doors open.

Cute Women’s Clothes On A Budget

I have not been shopping for myself in a while and when I did so recently, I could not believe the prices. I was not prepared to buy a dress for over $100 or a cute top for more than $40. My budget is a bit more in the $25 range for tops and the $50-$75 range for dresses. Do not get me started on sweaters, jackets or pants, because those can cost an arm and a leg that I do not have to spare. With Gwynnie Bee, you can dress in the latest fashions for women without spending all of your hard earned cash. You can find cute women’s clothes on a budget because Gwynnie Bee is a monthly clothing subscription service! I know, brilliant right?! This website has tons of the latest fashions in a variety of sizes and you play one flat monthly fee, depending on how many clothes you want to “check out” at a time. Now that is a plan I can get behind! There are 6 price plans you can choose from, so there is sure to be something for your budget. You can check out 1 garment at a time for $35, 2 for $59, 3 for $79, 5 for $99, 7 for $129 and 10 for $159. Once you choose the clothing you love and put it in your closet, then you are ready for your first shipment!

Every item comes in a lovely box and is lovingly wrapped and has been dry cleaned and pressed and is ready for you to wear. Each box comes with a pre-paid envelope to send back your item(s) when you are ready to receive another item. You can keep your items for as long as you like and there is never a late fee. If you find a piece you absolutely love and want to keep, you can purchase that item from Gwynnie Bee at a discounted price off the regular retail. I chose the 3 garment plan, which is perfect for me because I am usually out of town for 3-4 days, so I can choose a dress or 2 and a top or cardigan and I have some great looking clothes for my events. I was sent two really cute dresses which were perfect for 2 events I had to attend recently. I was also sent a cute cardigan, but I put the wrong size in my closet and instead of getting in the car and trekking to the mall to return or exchange it, I just pop it in my return envelope and wait for my next piece. Easy Peasy! Each Makobi Scribe that signs up with this link, gets one free month of service!