Cute Yet Comfortable Post Surgery Clothes

I fell in my yard just before Thanksgiving last year and I had no idea the damage I had done. My shoulder did not actually hurt for a few days after and when it did, I thought I had pulled a muscle or something. When ice, heat, medication and rest did not help with the pain, I knew it was more serious. I went to see an orthopedic doctor who had me go for an MRI which showed tendonitis and a possible rotator cuff tear. After 2 cortisone injections for my tendonitis with minimal relief, we knew the damage of the rotator cuff was bad. After getting a second opinion and more tests, we determined my only option was surgery. The one thing the pre-op nurse told me that was incredibly helpful was to find some comfortable post surgery clothes. I already had a successful relationship with Gwynnie Bee, so I decided to put some items in my closet that would help make my recovery more comfortable.

Comfortable Post Surgery Clothes

Gwynnie Bee is a women’s clothing subscription service that allows you to dress in the latest fashions while staying within your budget.  You can find tons of the latest trends in women’s fashion including dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets and cardigans. You can choose from many sizes and you play a flat monthly fee, which depends on the number of items you want to “check out” at a time. You have 6 price plans to choose from, so you should be able to find something that works for your budget. You can check out 1 garment at a time for $35, 2 for $59, 3 for $79, 5 for $99, 7 for $129 and 10 for $159. Once you choose the clothing you love and put it in your closet, then you are ready for your first shipment!

I chose the beautiful grey Multi-Way Wrap from Mabel Ming to wear home from the hospital from my surgery.  This unusual cardigan can be worn as a cozy wrap or as a dress paired with tights or leggings. You can dress it up with fitted jeans and bold jewelry for a trendy look or wear it open with a tee shirt and jeans or leggings. The fabric is a soft jersey that when not worn with a shoulder sling, can create a gorgeous hourglass figure. When you order from Gwynnie Bee, each item comes in a pretty box and each piece is wrapped. All the items have been dry cleaned and pressed and is ready for you to wear. You will receive a pre-paid envelope to send back your item(s) when you are ready to receive get your next piece from your closet. You can keep your items for as long as you like and there is never a late fee. If you find a piece you absolutely love and want to keep, you can purchase that item from Gwynnie Bee at a discounted price off the regular retail. Each Makobi Scribe that signs up with this link, gets one free month of service!