Mom & Jakobi on CycoCycleCycoCycle is another great reason for me to act like I am younger than I am! You will also notice that I am NOT wearing a helmet and neither is Jakobi. NOT ADVISED by CycoCycle or me because wouldn’t you know it, two seconds after this picture was taken, I fell right on top of Jakobi! Fun Stuff! We are silly/insert other word here and got right back on, and now we are almost pros! Check out the video to see the tricks you can do if you are uber talented!

When the bike came it was in pieces, but fairly easy for Mason to put together. Mason

He had a little trouble reading the instructions, so we called Billy (older brother) over to help him!BillyI took him about a half hour to put together and then an hour to go fill up the tires at the gas station. Hmmm…can you say teenage side trip? The gas station is walking distance! When he finally came home, we were able take this baby for a test drive. In the beginning you are supposed to hold on to the front handlebar to help keep your balance.  You are also supposed to get used to riding this AWESOME TRICK BIKE by yourself before adding passengers. Did we listen? NO! Did we fall? YES! Good thing I am a BOY MOM!

Our family had and still has a ton of fun on this bike. Falling down is really close to the ground, so it doesn’t hurt that bad. My son, Billy, never falls either does Noah. They both say I should tell you I fall on my two wheeler to so it is not a biased review. Yes, I am uncoordinated with no balance, but I don’t care! I like to play and CycoCycle is fun. Once I read the safety rules, I have not fallen once! LOL. Jakobi rides his tricycle and I ride the CycoCycle for a fun way to do that dreaded exercise. I am the envy of all the boys in the neighborhood!

This would make a wicked cool present for that crazy dare-devil or cautious bike rider in your family. Please check out the safety manual and don’t be wing-by-the-seat of your pants rider like us! Currently, the 20″ Cyco Cycle is designed for ages 10 and up with an 18″ version for ages 8 & up coming out this Christmas. so, stay tuned!! The best thing about the Cyco Cycle is how much imaginative fun you can have as you discover all the different styles of riding along with tons of cool tricks you can learn and even riding double with your friend! Whether it’s the girls just cruising around, chill’n or the boys inventing extreme stunts and tricks, the Cyco Cycle is just “crazy fun” for everyone! You can ride it like a unicycle, a scooter, a tricycle…just an insane amount of creative ways to ride, tricks to learn and crazy fun to be had!