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Why Dairy Is Important In Your Diet

I participated in the Google + hangout on behalf of National Dairy Council and the LACTAID® Brand. I received product coupons from the LACTAID® Brand to facilitate my review.

On November 5, I was a participant in a Google hangout at the National Dairy Council Google + page with Melissa d’Arabian, the LACTAID® Brand spokesperson, and  Lana Frantzen, a nutrition expert from the National Dairy Council.  They shared a few delicious lactose free recipes and nutritional information during the chat. I had never participated in a live hangout which was videoed at the same time, so it was a neat experience for me. I also learned about the importance of incorporating dairy into your diet even if you are lactose intolerant or sensitive like I am. Dairy plays an important role in keeping your body nourished properly.

Avoiding dairy products is not the answer to lactose intolerance. You just need to omit the dairy products which contain lactose. Thankfully there are a variety of lactose free options, such as those from LACTAID® Brand. The LACTAID® Brand carries milk, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt and more, all of which are real dairy! You can find several recipes using these products at the recipe page at recipes.lactaid.com or on the National Dairy Council Facebook page. You can watch the Google hangout below

From the Google Hangout:

Remember, just because you or someone you know is lactose intolerant doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to avoid dairy products. Lactose free dairy like LACTAID® Products, low fat or fat free natural cheeses and yogurt are a great way to include dairy in your diet, and help ensure you get all of the great nutrients we talked about today. – Lana

I know my kids love macaroni and cheese, and I cannot imagine going the rest of my life without ice cream. I am glad there are lactose free dairy options for me and my family because I know I would be one to “suffer through” the pain whereas now I don’t have to.

5 Reasons You Need Dairy

  1. Nutrients 
  2. Bone Health – Reduce Osteoporosis
  3. Reduced cardiovascular disease
  4. Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  5. Lower blood pressure in adults

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