Daisyroo etsy shop sent me a Mini Market Tote for Review. I was very excited about this review because I have always wanted a “modern” picnic basket. I thought picnics at the park or the beach would be so much fun with my girls. Well I was right. We have already had some family fun. The Mini Market Tote is so much more then a little picnic basket, it is perfect for traveling. I can load it up with my girls DVD’s, coloring books, toys, and whatever else I may need. I also can bring it to the grocery store when I have light loads. I am really excited to use my Mini Market Tote at my daughter’s school pot luck. It is personalized with our last name (which isn’t all the common) so everyone knows it belongs to us and no one takes it by mistake.

The Mini Market Tote measures 12″L x 9 “W x 7″H and available in several colors:Black, Brown, Hot Pink, Purple, Lime, Soft Pink w/ Brown Trim, Soft Blue w/ Brown Trim. I received the light pink with brown trim and I absolutely LOVE the color. The frame of the Mini Market Tote is collapsible which makes it easy to store. This tote can also be hand painted with personalization (no extra cost) with the name or initials of your choice in either a flat or sparkly paint finish. The Mini Market Tote I received was hand painted brown in a sparkly finish. I have to tell you, the owner has skill!! It was perfectly painted! To purchase a awesome mini market tote like mine, it is sold for $25 on the Daisyroo etsy shop.

Daisyroo offers a larger market tote, 18″L x 11.5″W x 9″H,  for $30 as well as many other great personalized items. Check out the night light boxes, bags, grandma shirts, and much more for neat items for yourself or for a great gift!
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