Dark Corners is everything  a suspensful Mystery should be.

After Emma’s Husband moved them into His family’s home in a small town of small minded, nosy and un-accepting people, she is changed forever!  The old Victorian house that had been in her husband’s family for generations immediately began taunting her!  Is it a classic haunting, or something more sinister?

The murder mystery writer is seemingly plunged into one of her own novels.  Although she tries to make the best of it, for her husbands sake, she can’t shake the feeling that something doesn’t feel right.  And then her life changed again.  After her husband’s brutal murder in this victorian house, she became a suspect and even her only friends seem to pull away from her leaving her feeling even more alone and withdrawn.  Ella becomes the very polar opposite of the woman she used to be.  She is withdrawn, bitter and is being treated like she has gone crazy.  She falls into the part, but things start to change for her.
The cop that had investigated her husbands murder, somehow becomes more a part of her life, instead of less, as he continues to “visit” her time after time not saying much, but also saying a lot.  The relationship that develops catches me off guard, as well as Ella!  The mysterious people that flit around in her life that she tries so hard to keep to herself, keep you wondering if they are there for her, or against her.  Everyone she comes into contact with seems suspect to her!  The memories of the woman she used to be, the wife she used to be, give glimpses into a happy existence with her husband, although strained because of the house.
The fact that she is a murder mystery writer is not fully utilized until toward the end of the book where glimpses of her true nature comes shining through.  The final four chapters had me yelling at the book out loud and solicited strange looks from my husband.  The end of the book brings you back around to close up the story with a bright red bow, which doesn’t always happen the way you want them to.  I sighed a heavy sigh of relief when I finished this book! Kudos to Liz Schulte!

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