Team logoabout_dallasI think that exercise is just as important for the mind as it is for the body. It should be more than just about weightloss or getting in shape. It should be about being healthy inside and out. Yoga is one of the few exercise practices that explicitly focuses on both of these things.  According to yoga is a school of Hindu philosophy. It’s a course of physical and mental discipline.  It’s a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body and mind, tranquillity, etc.

DDP Yoga was started by former 3-time WCW World Champion Professional Wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). At 42 DDP suffered a potentially career ending injury. His wife suggested he utilize Yoga to heal his body. He was skeptical but after giving it a try he found it was really working! However, it didn’t give his workout routine the cardio that intensity he craved. He needed to build strength and practice cardio but not further injure his body. So he teamed up with trainers, nutritionish and kinesiologist. What came about was a mix of yoga, strength conditioning, Pilates and mixed martial arts: DDP Yoga.

DDP Yoga is yoga system that stretches muscles, improves core strength and flexibility. But it also helps promote weight loss and improves mental health. The best part of DDP Yoga is that it can be done from your own home.

The DDP Yoga Max Pack includes 6 DVDs, a poster and a program guide. The program guide includes an introduction to the workouts, a 13 week workout grid and Phase 1,2 & 3 nutrition guides. It also contains many other tools for success including:

  • Food Lists (what to eat, what to avoid)
  • Meal Plans
  • Recipes
  • Food Journal
  • Workout Journal
  • Progress Journal

You can get the Max Pack for $119 (regularly $179.85) or 3 payments of $41.99. You can also choose from 4 other workout packs.


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