This is a question that has been burning in my mind for months. Why would a person agree to a mailing list, and then mark it as spam? Most of you know I have a newsletter that I send out for giveaway announcements. It is often an option or requirement to entering a giveaway on my site. I am okay with people unsubscribing after they do not win, but to spam the letter they subbed to – I am confused. What would you do? Would you ban these people from entering your giveaways? Write them a letter and ask them not to spam you, but to just unsub (same amount of clicks by the way) instead?

I guess what really chaps me is the ones who have spammed my newsletter AND are frequent winners on my site? I am just chalking this up to a slip of the mouse, but I have to ask you…my readers…my subscribers…What should I do? Nothing? Something? Suggestions?

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