This post was facilitated by materials I purchased with a gift card for Ace Hardware which was provided by Ace Hardware! Love them!! I live in southern Florida where it is hot almost all of the time and we live under water restriction. Having a beautiful green lawn is sometimes pretty expensive and in the summer you have to mow it twice a week almost! As you can see above, my lawn is full of what most people call weeds. The conservationists call it native Florida ground cover! Ground cover is a great idea for those wanting an extremely low maintenance lawn, and there are so many choices to choose from. Here are a few steps on what to do after you decided to replace your lawn.


  1. Make sure to get the right plant for the job. You should always check with the hardiness zones in your area to figure out which zone you are in; then purchase your ground cover accordingly. I bought a few succulents for the shade (Sunrose & Variegated Sunrose) and Sunshine Mimosa for the sunny areas! I also got Jasmine, frog fruit & perennial peanut to experiment.
  2. Planting-ground-cover Space your ground cover appropriately. The folks at Ace Hardware suggested about every three feet. They let me know that the ground cover would strangle out most of the unwanted weeds and spread within 3 months. You can get all kinds of helpful info from their lawn & gardening tips page. I found tips on how and when to water as well as how to condition your soil. Since I had potted plants, I had Mason dig up a hole bigger than the pot.
  3. Watering Ground CoverWater appropriately. Even though you may be replacing your grass for water conservation purposes, all plants need water to root. You should water every day for the first two weeks and then twice a week. If you plant in Spring the summer rains will soon take over and get your ground cover rooted just in time for winter. You can stop watering in the summer if you live in Florida.


The picture above is my lawn two months later. I haven’t mowed it and it is full of those pretty pink flowers! I love the way the Sunshine Mimosa behaves when you touch it too!