Decorate With Wall Decals

Decorate With Wall Decals

Spring has passed and summer is here and what a better time than to decorate with wall decals?  If you aren’t sure you want to make your changes permanent, wall decals are a great alternative.  There seems to be so many companies that are offering removable items for your walls that it can be daunting.  Some companies cater only to children, some to adults and some only offer letters or words.  How do you know what you should choose?  I have started reading what other customers have said about the company I am considering because they are the best resource.  If I don’t see many positive reviews, I move on to another company.  I received from wall decals a while back and as I was trying to position it on the wall, it ripped!!  I was so peeved.  Suffice it to say, those decals went back to where they came from!

Sissy Little is an online company I found who offers so many choices of wall decals that you can get lost in there!  I have never seen such a huge selection of decals in my life.  With more than 30 categories, I am pretty sure there is something for everyone! You can choose from categories like military, nautical, flowers, nature, quotes and even headboards!  I love that there are so many customer testimonies that there is a dedicated email to handle all the compliments Sissy Little gets!  The decals are colorful, come in small as well as larger designs and there is even a video to help you put up your decals properly.

Removable Wall Art For Kids

When I was approached to review an item from Sissy Little, I was most interested in was removable wall art for kids.  We had gotten some decals for Henry’s room a while back but they weren’t very colorful and were on the small size.  I wanted something that would not get dwarfed on his big white wall.  I decided on the Dinosaur Land set ($49.99) which gave me the option to have Henry’s name as well.  You get several large dinosaur decals as well as the large letters for the name.  The decals also come with instructions which include a sample decal and a hand held tool to smooth the decals.  I don’t know which feature I liked better; the detailed instructions or the smoothing tool!  Henry really likes how the decals looked on his walls and told me it was ok to leave them on there!  I am glad he didn’t tell me to take them down, huh?!

Two readers will each receive one gift certificate for $50 to be used at Sissy Little.

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