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Decorate Your Backpack With Gutzy Gear From Mommy Parties Review

Decorate Your Backpack

If you want a fun way to decorate your backpack, you may want to look into Gutzy Gear.  I was recently afforded the opportunity to host a Gutzy Gear party from Mommy Parties.  What a great way to start of the new school year, than with a back pack all the kids will want for themselves!  I invited my best friend’s kids as well as our neighbor’s kids and we had a blast!!  Each child received one strap package which comes with 2 straps and a surprise Gutzy ($9.99) as well as 2 packs of cute Gutzy’s ($5.99 each) to put on their straps.  Gutzy Gear has a great variety of Gutzy’s for boys and girls which include some of their favorite cartoon characters!!  What kid wouldn’t want a SpongeBob and Patrick Star Gutzy on their Gutzy strap?

Gutzy Gear was developed by Lauren bass and Wendy Koolik, who are cousins with a head for business.  The two got their idea when they saw their Grandmother Betty and her prized golf sweater.  Betty’s sweater was adorned with patches from each course she had played on.  Not only were the patches a symbol of Betty’s accomplishments but it also told of the many fun adventures she had while playing golf.  Lauren and Wendy decided to take that concept and design it into a kid friendly product.  Now kids all over can “wear their heart on their sleeves” and show their hobbies, accomplishments and favorite characters on their backpack!  I bet your child would have a blast having the “Gutz” to wear some of these adorable patches for all to see!  You can learn more about Gutzy Gear by liking them on Facebook or visiting Gutzy Gear online.  To learn more about Mommy Parties, you can like them on Facebook , follow them on Twitter or visit Mommy Parties online.

Gutzy Gear Party

Our Gutzy Gear party was a HUGE success!  In our party package, we received the supplies to play some really fun games.  We played Gutzy bingo with the printed tokens and bingo sheets which were provided by the clever folks at Mommy Parties.  The kids had a blast playing the game and the winner was given an extra pack of Gutzy’s.  We also played a fun twist on hide and seek.  Inserted into our party package were printed pictures of Gutzy’s which were to be cut in half.  Each child had one half of a token and they had to find the other party goer who had the matching piece.  We played this outside and it ended in a rousing game of Gutzy tag that the kids invented.  The person that was it chased the kids and if they tagged another player, that player had to give up a Gutzy!!  I thought that was a pretty cute and imaginative game!  I think you can see from the pictures that the kids were really happy with their Gutzy Gear.  Thanks again to Mommy Parties for allowing us to have such a good time!

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