Your master bedroom is important. It’s your retreat at the end of a long day – the place where you need to go to relax and recover and get yourself a good night’s sleep. As a result, you’ll want it to be in the best shape. A scruffy, unloved and untidy room is hardly going to help you relax as your head hits the pillow. Redecorating this room, then, is often seen as a priority. Indeed, one study from Aviva found that this is the most common task tackled by homeowners during their first year in a new property. It found that 47 per cent of people renovate this room within 12 months and typically spend just short of $2,000. But this needn’t be the norm. There are a number of things you can do to make a big difference to your master bedroom on a budget.

  1. Prioritise: What is the number one priority when giving your bedroom a revamp? It has to be the bed. Not only is this the centerpiece of any master bedroom, but it is also key to whether or not you’ll have a decent night’s kip. Set aside a decent proportion of your total budget to get a good bed as this alone could lift your entire room. Even a new frame could make a difference – and divan bed bases are worth searching out as a simple and cost-effective way of achieving a new look.
  1. Paint: You can make a great difference to the look of your room with a lick of paint. One or two tins should be enough to cover the walls of your room. Select the right colour to set the tone for your perfect relaxing retreat. One survey found that having a blue room helps you to get the most hours of sleep – with purple the worst colour for helping you to get forty winks. Even your budget is particularly tight, you could even paint the room white and have one feature wall in a relaxing shade of blue.
  1. Upcycle: Do you want a new bedside table or a chair in your new look room? Don’t feel that you have to chuck away your old items – they could easily be ‘re-born’ with a little bit of creativity. A bit of sanding and a new lick of paint could easily breathe new life into a tired-looking piece of furniture. If you fancy something a little more creative, take a look at these upcycling ideas for a project you could get your teeth stuck into.
  1. Lighting: Don’t ignore the power of lighting when it comes to decorating your master bedroom. Simple moves to alter this can make a huge change. Why not invest in a new shade for your main light? This could make a creative showpiece feature for your room, transforming a humble bulb into a colourful light show. If you’re dealing with a small space, positioning your mirror opposite your main window can help to maximise the space you have available.

So, by putting the bed at the top of your list and making the most of a pot or two of paint, upcycled furniture and fun lighting can easily give your whole room a fresh new look without breaking the bank.