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In many homes across the country,  the Thanksgiving meal is now just a memory. Here is to hoping  the memory of the meal stays in your head and not on your hips! Now it is time to pull out the Christmas decorations and get ready to pretty up the house. I can imagine the excited kids standing behind parents who are pulling boxes out of the garage, attic or other storage areas. Treasured heirlooms are being unwrapped and being prepared to hang on the tree. Wreaths, lights and stockings are being hung and Christmas dishes are being washed and readied for entertaining. My kids are just fascinated by the tree as you can tell!

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One of the big decisions families are making are whether to have a live or an artificial tree this year. There are perks to both, but for many, an artificial tree is the way to go. Don’t you think this tree is the perfect size for the space I had in my home? The trick to choosing the perfect artificial tree is how real it looks. Even my cat can’t tell! When you are decorating your home for the holidays, the products from Brylane Home are a perfect choice.

Decorating Your Home For The Holidays With Pre-Lit Trees

Brylane Home is a one stop shopping location for much of your home decor needs. You can find things like art for the walls, bedding and window treatments. For the outside, you can choose deck furniture, garden decor or even lights for the path to your door. If you need small appliances for the kitchen, Brylane Home has one of the largest selections around. When it comes to decor for the holidays, the selection is vast and varied. When you are considering decorating your home for the holidays with pre-lit trees, look no further than Brylane Home.

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I was sent the gorgeous 7′ and 29″ in diameter pre-lit Christmas tree as well as the pre-lit curtain panel from Brylane Home. The tree, which sells for $179.99,  is a Brylane Home exclusive tree which is pre-lit with 200 lights. The full and realistic branches have 400 tips for easy ornament hanging and it even comes with a tree stand. It is easy to assemble and is narrow for smaller spaces.

Brylane Tree

The pre-lit curtain panel, which sells for $59.99,  just plugs in and illuminates the room with a warm glow. It is the perfect backdrop for your Christmas tree and other holiday decorations for the whole family to enjoy. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with all of their latest information and deals.