Decorative Window Films For Home

Decorative Window Films For Home

I knew you could buy window film for your car, but did you know you could buy decorative window film for home?  I had no idea these fantastic creations existed!!  I bet we have all had a home or apartment that may not have had the best view, right?  When I was living in Atlanta and before I was married and having babies, I had a really great apartment in a trendy part of town.  I had arched ceilings, a sunroom and crown molding in every room.  It was just the best apartment ever..oh…did I forget to mention that my only window in my bedroom looked out onto a local eatery that had a lovely red blinking neon sign?  I promise it was just like a bad movie where the funky and artsy girl moves out on her own, only to have that beloved first place that was annoying as heck!

Wallpaper For Windows was created by Larry Cashion in 1995 based on an idea of bringing the beauty of decorative glass without the cost.  Larry wanted to bring the beauty of etched or stain glass to the consumer that wouldn’t otherwise have the access or funds to create that in their own home.  Wallpaper For Windows has created an extensive line of gorgeous window clings that are as easy to use as they are beautiful.  You can find clings in a variety of design, color and degree of privacy. Just to show you how awesome the films from Wallpaper For Windows are, they have been voted as one of the 5 best New Home Decor Products By Good Morning America!  Now that is impressive!

Add Privacy To Windows

My house faces a very busy street and the back is on a dead end street, so I needed to add privacy to windows in the house.  With the large size of my front windows, I didn’t want to bother with blinds, but you can see into the living room from the street.  We have been keeping the drapes closed but I didn’t want to compromise the great light we get.  When I came across Wallpaper For Windows, I realized I could add some privacy without losing the light!  The other thing I wanted to take care of was the shadows that come into the kid’s room from the street lights.  Henry gets scared because the shadow the tree outside his window gives looks a bit like a monster.  I chose the Austin in the 48×74 size ($75.00) because I loved the subtle pattern that would filter out the light without blocking it.  What I didn’t expect was the money you can save by using a window film.  BY filtering out the sunlight, your home doesn’t get as warm.  With the size of the film I received, I was able to apply the film on most of the windows in the house.  They are also really easy to apply.  All you do is measure the area to be covered, cut the size out, wet your windows, peel off the film from the backing and smooth the film onto the window.  It literally takes seconds to go from a bare window to a beautifully patterned window.  I can’t wait to get more clings to finish the other windows in our house!

One reader will receive a $50 gift certificate to be used at Wallpaper For Windows.

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  1. ohh man, do I need this , my living room window gives waaay to much of a view for my neighbors and their kids. love the mandalay .

  2. My favorite is the Orleans Leaded Glass Privacy
    film. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

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