I do not usually deal in New Year’s resolutions, but I have been thinking about making one this year.  I have been in a career stall for far too long now, and I think that it is time I do something about it.  I need to go back to school and continue my education.  The problem is that having a family makes finding the time for such a thing pretty hard.  I was going to give up on the idea until I thought of going to college online.

I have always been kind of skeptical of online classes.  Something just never seemed right about it, but I could never put my finger on what that was.  To this day, I can’t really say I know what is so off putting about them to me.  I’m going to get past that hang up though.  I recently went to DegreeJungle.com and looked around at what kinds of things online colleges offer, and I have to say that it’s given me a l lot more confidence in them.  They have a listing of the top online colleges in America, so I can be sure I get the best education that an online college can offer.  It’s time to get moving in a new direction, and DegreeJungle.com is helping to make it possible.