Delicious Dessert Flavored Tea

Delicious Dessert Flavored Tea

I have recently discovered delicious dessert flavored tea.  With my being on Nutrisystem, I am able to eat dessert each night after my dinner.  I am happy to have my nightly treat as I have a big sweet tooth (which is probably the explanation to my need for Nutrisystem!!).  A friend told me she heard of teas that are flavored after some of your favorite desserts and sweet treats.  What a great idea!  I had no idea I could have the yummy taste of a sweet and indulgent dessert without the calories!  If I can have my cake, even if it is the form a blended tea, I am all for it!!

Red Rose Tea is a company that has been in business in Canada since 1894.  Theodore Harding Estabrooks was a college graduate who went into business for himself in 1894.  Not only did Estabrooks have a great head for business, he also had a fantastic idea that had not been seen in that area before.  He created an alternative to the loose leaf tea people were drinking at the time.  Estabrooks began to distribute tea that was packed in servings that gave his customers consistent flavor from up to cup.  Red Rose Tea began to be distributed to the US in the 1920’s and by 1929, Red Rose Tea began to sell their tea in an innovative packaging; the tea bag!!  To this day, Red Rose Tea is made with the same care and attention to detail as it was in 1894.  More than 100 years later, you can still count on Red Rose Tea to deliver a consistently delicious tea every time.

Relax With A Cup Of Tea

I am a coffee drinker but there is something about taking a break to relax with a cup of tea. The perfect teas to try out for me were the new dessert flavored teas from the Red Rose Tea Simply Indulgent line.  You can choose from 4 delicious flavors which are not only yummy delish but are very affordable as well.  Each box contains 20 tea bags that sell for $5 per box, which can be bought online or in many fine grocery stores across the country.  The four flavors are: Cinnamon Streusel, Creme Caramel, Peach Cobbler and Lemon Chiffon.  The teas from Red Rose Tea have zero calories (yay!!) and are really a great substitute for your favorite high calorie dessert.  My favorite is the Decaffeinated Creme Caramel which smells as divine as it tastes.  I am a big lemon lover, so the Lemon Chiffon is my next favorite with its perfect balance of the tart lemon and the flavors of the tea.  If you are trying to cut out a few calories or you just want a great cup of tea; Red Rose Tea is a great place to start!

One reader will win the one box of each of the 4 flavors from the Red Rose Tea Simply Indulgent line ($5.00 per box) and The Chalk It Up chalkboard mug ($8.00).


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