Delicious Meals Delivered To Your Home

Delicious Meals Delivered To Your Home

With these hot summer months, how great would it be to have delicious meals delivered to your home?  I have a small kitchen and when we use the oven, it raises the temperature in the house by several degrees.  A few years ago a friend from church and I would share cooking for our families.  It worked out great, because we cooked a month’s meals in one day and traded, so the meals just had to be reheated.  Easy Peasy, right?  I would love to find a company who would cook your meals and deliver them to you!  We do have a service like that where I live, but one meal for 4 people starts at $60-75, and for that price, we could just go out to dinner.  If the prices are that high, why bother! is my new favorite online company.  If you want delicious tasting meals that are also good for you and are affordable, is the place to go.  With the hectic pace families live these days, it is no wonder we are relying more and more on fast food that is so not good for you.  With, you get chef prepared meals that are delivered to your door and all you need to do is reheat them and they are ready for your family to dive into!  You can order low sodium, low fat, portion controlled and diabetic friendly meals and there is a discount for first time and senior orders.  Oh, did you say you wanted dessert as well?  Ok, they got that covered as well, so you can enjoy sinfully rich and tasty desserts.  I need to mention an awesome program that Magic Kitchen is involved in called Graham’s Foundation.  In 2009, Nick and Jennifer Hall were expecting twins and at 25 weeks, Graham and Reece were born.  While Reece stayed in the NICU for 4 months, Nick and Jennifer lost precious Graham after 45 days.  Knowing first-hand what it is like to have a micro-preemie in NICU, Jennifer and Nick provide care packages for these parents.  In those packages, provides certificates for meals for the parents.  For that, is the latest company to make it into my Awesome Companies That Give Back Hall of Fame.  Please take a moment to like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Take A Break From Home Cooking

Take A Break From Home Cooking

I bet everyone would love to take a break from home cooking, right?  I don’t mean take a break and go to Mickey D’s, I mean a real home cooked meal that tastes great and is easy to prepare.  I was more than willing to review a few meals from  It was hard to choose because there are so many choices with  I finally decided on two meals that I knew my family would enjoy while I am on the Nutrisystem plan.  I chose the homemade fettuccini with shrimp and broccoli with the cream and parmesan sauce for 2 ($24.99), the  short ribs with the port wine and blackberry sauce ($14.99) and the family sized Dutch apple pie ($24.99).  My husband and Caitlin had the fettuccini meal and they said the shrimp and sauce was absolutely mouthwatering and was a perfect size for them.  Chris adored the short ribs and said he wanted to order them at least once a week now!  We served the apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream and it was enjoyed by the whole family.  I am on Nutrisystem, but I wanted to take a bite to see what all the fuss was about.  Boy Heidi is that a delicious and rich apple pie.  The crumble on top makes the pie and I could eat a whole lot of that!!  I would totally recommend if you don’t want to cook but still want a home cooked meal.

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  2. My favorite Magic Kitchen product is the Crab Cakes – Made with 100% Blue Crab. Yummy!!!

  3. I love the selections in main dish(entrees) for dinner and then peaked at desserts.. I like the chocolate bundle-yum-o

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