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Delivering Hope by Jennifer Holt

The author was able to answer all my questions around “Infertility” and the strain on a couple.  She made me go through all her emotions making me cry tears of despair as well as tears of joy. This book tells the story of a couple called Olivia and Michael who are trying to get pregnant.   “After years of series of tests being poked and prodded and probed like a lab rat,”  Olivia thought she should be used to it by now. She wasn’t.

As a reader, I found the writer had hit the mark here with all the realities surrounding the longing for having children.  It seems to be taboo to talk about this subject, but Jennifer Holt has broken the ice. Here are two quotes from her book as I really do not want to reveal all of its content.

It means your chances of a pregnancy, ever, using in vitro or anything else, are practically zero. We discovered some abnormalities with the shape of  Olivia’s uterus that will make it impossible for an embryo to implant itself. I would not recommend pursuing in vitro.  There’s no reason to when the embryo won’t implant anyway.  I’m sorry Olivia.  It appears that you will never get pregnant.

The moment of truth and realization has been quoted here.  It hurts, just too too much.

Do I feel nauseous? Could I be pregnant?

Ouch, the what if questions arise, and hope is building. Olivia is in tears and so was I.  When the story unravels, the reader will seriously feel Olivia’s pain and Michael’s love and support for his wife.  The longing for a baby affected them both in such a way I had never imagined.

I must say that this book is for any parent on this planet we were to conceive or not.  It was so informative and interesting to read how a couple would tackle such an adversity. Now, that Jennifer Holt answered one of my two burning questions… I am patiently waiting for her to tell us (in her next book) how raising a child stemming from such longing, desire and hope is affecting the couple and the child or children.

Congratulations Jennifer, you have a heart of gold.   Thank you for the privilege of reading your book. You can purchase Delivering Hope on Amazon and you can join in her giveaway on her blog. Jennifer Holt can be found on Facebook as well.


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