Designs by Behak

Designs by Bekah is a mama’s one stop store for nursing and new baby! I absolutely loved this shop! Designs by Bekah sent me a nursing cover, washable nursing pads, and two burp clothes all in coordinating colors. The quality of these items are superb!

I love nursing! I think every mama should at least give it a try, if they are able to. I also think that having the right coverage in public is important. The Nursing Covers by Designs by Bekah giveperfect coverage measuring 24.5×35 in length with a 12 inch piece of boning on the top allowing you to check you baby but not showing everyone your mom parts. The strap around the neck holds the nursing cover securely in place and can be adjusted to size. On the bottom left corner a burp cloth has been sewn in. Talk about great multi-purposing! There have been numerous time I’ve been caught without a burp cloth so this is perfect. The nursing cover can then be washed and tumble dried. The blue nursing cover I received was cutely patterned with bright colors of green, purple, orange, white, and chocolate brown. Designs by Bekah has a great variety of nursing covers to choose from. I was so impressed with this nursing cover and it’s price ($20).

Every nursing mama needs nursing pads.Designs by Bekah has adorable nursing pads.  There are items I come across as a mom of two and say, “I sure wish I had that item with the first child”. Well this is one of them. When I had my 3 year old, the nursing pads I had were disposable and made me look like I was nipping out all the time (gross). Then I came across washable nursing pads; still boring white! Designs by Behak nursing pads make me feel more “me”; I love color. I also love being more eco-friendly! These nursing pads are soft, fit nice, and absorbent! Designs by Bekah makes them in a standard size but custom sizes are available as well. The washable nursing pads I received came in two fun colors. The first set is lime green with blue and brown polka dots. The second set is a dark brown with lime green and blue dots. These pads are so cute very reasonably priced at $5 for two sets! The price and quality are awesome!

The third item Designs by Bekah sent was her adorable birth cloths. I received two cloths, both following the white, blue, lime green, and chocolate brown theme; the Flower Power Burp Cloth Set ($9). One burp cloth is sized 9 x 13 and the other is 9 x 17. The smaller cloth is the perfect “on the go” burp cloth. It is made from terry cloth boarded with a fun pattern and applicate in the bottom right hand corner. The larger burp cloth has a terry cloth back and cotton fabric front. Both burp cloths are super cute and SO perfectly made!

Designs by Bekah is the perfect place to buy shower gifts! Not only does she have a great display of quality and cute burp cloths, washable nursing pads, and nursing covers but also boppy covers, wet bags, and wipe cases. I loved the quality, prices, styles, and customer service!

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