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So You Want To Guest Post On Makobi Scribe?

Desperately Seeking Guest Posts

I am not really desperate, however I just loved that Madonna Movie. Showing my age? I have been posting here and there about different subjects I would like guest posts on and have been getting a nice reply. I thought I would put exactly what topics I am looking for, what I want it to include, and how to submit it to me all on one page.

Why you should guest post for me:

  • If you ever have an opportunity to guest post take it! You will be getting access to my audience and can gain new followers to your social media in the process.
  • Links back to your website from a PR4.
  • My readership will be able to learn from you as well as me broadening the base of their knowledge!
  • Ana, from Traffic Generation Cafe, says, “Guest posting is the SINGLE best thing you can do to increase your traffic. Period.”

The topics I am seeking posts on:

  • Crafts: Are you a crafty person? You can post a craft tutorial on Makobi Scribe as long as it has original pictures, the craft is for kids, and has never been posted on your blog or website. You can rewrite the post as long as it is not duplicate content.
  • Recipes: Cook often? Share your recipes with a link back to your other creations on Makobi Scribe. Must be original content.
  • Blogging Tips: Do you have an excellent knowledge of the innerworkings of a blogger tool like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tribber, Digg, etc.? I would love to publish your introductory lesson! Can you help other bloggers with a tip or trick you know and would love to share? Please tell it here!

What I would like your posts to include:

  • Pictures. Each picture needs to be 630 px wide and pertains to the post. Most posts require more than one.
  • Links. You may have one dofollow link back to your site in the footer saying you can find more posts by XX at XX.
  • Original Content. Your posts needs to be at least 300 words of original content. Recipes and crafts need to be in the same format as my other posts.

What should you do next?

  • Pick a topic!
  • Take pictures.
  • Start blogging!
  • Mail your post to jennifer@makobiscribe.com

I sincerely cannot wait to hear what each of you has to say!


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