Detangling Brush For Kids

Detangling Brush For Kids

My daughter Caitlin needs a detangling brush for kids in a big way.  She has really thick hair like me and it gets a huge rat’s nest in the back every night.  We have tried a variety of ideas to remedy the situation including my favorite; shaving the poor girl bald! (lol) Caitlin likes to wear her hair in a ponytail which will cause a lot of breakage if it is done too often.  To compound the problem, she usually takes her shower at night and puts it up in a ponytail only to wake with a horse tail instead!  When we got her hair styled recently, the stylist suggested a few products from the salon that helps with detangling.  Well, for $23 a bottle, it better come with a person to spray it on and comb it through!  But seriously, we bought it, tried it, hated it, pitched it.

I heard of the Knot Genie from a friend whose daughter has a very sensitive scalp and any tugging at all would drive her to tears.  I can relate as we have spent more mornings than I can recall with tears, ultimatums and lots of hugs and apologies later.  The Knot Genie is designed with tortured children and moms alike.  The unique formation of the bristles and the easy to hold cloud shape of the top makes the Knot Genie work like magic (I know, I know).  Due to the varying lengths of the bristles, the Knot Genie literally glides right through your hair, regardless of the degree of knottage (new word I just made up) you are dealing with.  The other great feature of the Knot Genie is that there is virtually no stress to the hair roots, which means no more breakage.

Easy to comb hair

Comb Hair Easily

When I heard the Knot Genie could comb hair easily, I wanted to try it for myself.  Rikki from Knot Genie sent us the purple Knot Genie in the bigger kids size ($19.99), but there is also a small one called the Teeny Genie (LOVE it) for smaller hands ($14.99) and she.  When it came and I told Caitlin about it, she laughed and said she was sure this wouldn’t work any better than anything else we had tried.  Well, let me tell you that for such a simple tool at a very reasonable price, we found a miracle.  I want to make sure I am clear that the before and after pictures in this review were the real thing.  We used the Knot Genie on Caitlin as we were getting ready for school and I am here to tell you that the Knot Genie has touched and changed our lives forever.   It seems like it is such an ordinary item, but it is extraordinary when it is used by a child who had been tortured for so many years when brushing her hair.   My daughter cried when she used it and I thought it was the usual pain she has from brushing her hair and she said “No Mommy, its’ because I am so happy that my head won’t hurt ever again”.  Enough said!

One winner will receive one Knot Genie ($19.99) or Teeny Genie ($14.99) in their choice of color

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