As life has become more stressful over the years, it has become a habit for people to try and simplify different aspects of their life. Many of us have started with our schedule, but some of us have started to go beyond that and simplified our wardrobe as well.

What a minimal wardrobe is not

Having a minimal style does not mean that you have to wear the same things every day and transform your wardrobe into a uniform. There are some people that enjoy that, but having a minimal wardrobe can also mean to have similar pieces that you can combine easily, saving time when you have to choose what to wear.

Also, having a minimal wardrobe does not mean that you have to wear only black and white pieces. You have to choose your color pallet and decide what colors you are most comfortable in and start from there. You might be more comfortable in blue or pink or even in multicolored clothes – the essential thing is to enjoy it.

A minimal wardrobe is not an accessory-free wardrobe. It just means that you have to reduce the accessories you have and buy versatile ones that you can add to any outfit you decide to wear.

It does not mean that you can not go out and buy biker goggles for rain which are essential if you are a biker, for example. You just have to ask yourself if the accessory is something that you really like and want to wear for a long period of time from now on.

Where to start?

You should start by downsizing and decluttering your existing wardrobe and analyzing the relationship you have with the pieces you wear the most. They are a part of who you are and send a message about you to the people around you.

Owning a lot of clothes can make you confused and overwhelmed, so only keep the things that make you feel excellent about yourself and the ones you like best.

How to structure your minimal wardrobe?

It is essential to own only things that match with one another so that if you get dressed with your eyes closed, your outfit still looks good. If the pieces you own match with one another, you will be able to save a lot of time when you have to get dressed in the morning and will be able to spend time on things that are more important to you.

Another good practice is to buy things that are easy to look after and are versatile enough to be put together easily. To have great outfits, you can always play with different textures and sizes. If you want to go even further, you can add a strong color to a black outfit for example.

You can also have ‘hero pieces’ that make a statement, like an oversized ring or earring, an interestingly shaped bag or shoes that have a strong color. Try not to over-decorate and keep your look on the clean side rather than on the rigged-out side.

If you want to construct a wardrobe that will last longer, you have to focus on two things: to buy only what you love to the max and want to wear forever and to buy clothes made of high-quality materials.

High-quality garments might cost more than fast fashion, but they are a great investment in the long run only if you follow the first rule of only buying clothes that you want to wear forever. That way you will not end up getting bored of them. It is not hard to build a minimal wardrobe and the things that we have discussed here will help you a lot if you go by them.