pensive-manMy husband has diabetes.  When I met him, I didn’t really know much about the disease, and he didn’t want to burden me with it.  As the years passed, I had no choice but to learn about it, and I had to do most of the research myself.  My husband’s diabetes is very severe, and since he hasn’t always properly taken care of himself, it’s become much worse and other medical problems have developed.  I’ve learned to deal with the hospitalizations and different procedures, but the part that’s the hardest is that neither him or myself really have others in our lives that understand what we’re going through.  Plus, there’s so much information out there regarding diabetes that it’s hard to really keep up on all of the new technology, recipes, and other good information that diabetics and their families should have.

Diabetic Connect realized how overwhelming it can be when you have questions about your disease.  Diabetic Connect is a support community and social networking site for people who have diabetes and their loved ones.  You can post your status update, participate in or start discussions, watch the latest videos relating to diabetes, find tasty recipes that are just the right balance of sugar and carbs, read up on different health center topics, read product reviews for diabetic products that might be useful to you, or just read articles and blog posts that you can relate to.  It’s your one-stop-shop for everything diabetes, and I wish I’d found this site sooner.  I’ve never found one place with so much information right at your fingertips.  Plus, it offers the support that many of us need simply because it takes someone who’s lived it to really understand.

If you or a loved one has diabetes, I highly recommend checking out Diabetic Connect right away.  You’ll find all of the information and support that you will ever need if this is an illness that’s affecting your life.

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