My littlest, Mason, the one with the big smile on his face, has sensitive skin. We went to Walmart to shop for lotion for him and to find the Dial™NutriSkin™ demo. It was nice being able to bring him to the demo to see if he would like the lotion before we bought it. Sometimes lotion has a funky smell or consistency and some kids are adverse to trying things that are not close to their norm. Dial™NutriSkin™ came in several different options so it was a nice option to be able to try them all out with Mason to figure out what the best lotion for our family would be.


At the demo, we found $1 off coupons so it made the price of $4.97 even more affordable and all of the bottles featured at my Walmart had 25% more than the normal size bottle. The above picture shows that Dial™NutriSkin™ lotion comes in a men’s formula and a womans? formula, but I never pay much attention to the gender bias of products. I figure you like what you like no matter who it was made for. My husband disagrees and will not use a “womans” product and insists I buy the “mens” product for him, which I suppose is what target audience Dial™NutriSkin™ is reaching for. Ultimately, the baby wins out as usual and we got what was best for him. He has ultra dry skin, like his mommy, and needs to be lotioned up quite often.


I really like that fact that is a manageable size bottle with an easy pump top. This makes it easy to pump on the run – which is a big plus when you are chasing toddlers trying to lotion them up. This a a big plus when I am looking for lotion. I like it to actually work and have an ease to the application. I have never used Dial™NutriSkin™ before so it was fun to try a new product on the family. In this picture I am actually getting ready to use the lotion on myself, but Mason woke up (like lotion-radar) and wanted the “so-shun” for himself. So guess who got the lotion?


Yes, the baby! You can find Dial™NutriSkin™: WebsiteFacebook, and @DialNutriSkin. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias

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