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When celebrating the birth of a baby, what better way to mark the occasion than with a diamond push present for new moms?  If you are not familiar with push presents or push gifts, I would love to explain it.  If you have given birth to a child, you may remember all the gifts the baby received both before and after the baby is born.  Although it is a sweet and helpful tradition, the new mom is typically not given a gift for herself.  After the birth of my first daughter, I joked with my husband that Chelsea received a ton of gifts and I got squat!  I remember telling him I did a heck of a lot of work and the baby got all the goodies!  Sadly, my husband did not take the hint and he brought me a cheese burger instead (although with hospital food as it is, the cheese burger was a pretty awesome treat!!). Since then, if a friend has given birth, I have made it a point to give a gift to a baby as well as the mommy.

Present For New Moms

Juno Lucina, the Roman Goddess of childbirth has been safeguarding new mothers and their newborns for over 1,000 years.  In Latin, Lucina means light and refers to the beautiful saying, “she who brings children into the light of the world for the first time”.  During the time Juno Lucina was celebrated, men would give the new mother a special gift to mark the occasion.  Juno Lucina is a jewelry company that has taken the push present and the meaning behind it and given it an updated twist.  This line was created specifically as a Push Gift for a new mother but instead of the exclusivity of the father giving the gift, it can now be given by any loved one or dear friend who wants the new mom to know how truly spectacular she is.  To put it simply, jewelry from Juno Lucina is a gift given to a woman who has given the gift of life.  The design of the jewelry from Juno Lucina is a breathtaking design that symbolizes the hands of Juno Lucina safely holding the head of the new mother and child.  On this day that will never be forgotten in a parent’s life, neither will the Push Gift from Juno Lucina that is presented to this woman to celebrate the journey of childbirth.  To learn more about Juno Lucina, please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  Keep your eyes peeled for the an exciting addition  from the folks at Juno Lucina.  Due to their overwhelming success with the original Juno Lucina website, they have been able to build a new site for their customers.  I cannot wait for you to navigate the new site which goes live on Monday, the 13th.

Jewelry That Says You Are Amazing

Jewelry That Says You Are Amazing

If you are going to give someone a gift, you should give jewelry that says you are amazing to that special someone.  I love that the Juno Lucina Collection has such a rich history that is representative of such an amazing event as childbirth.  I can tell you it sure beats a cheese burger!!  The man behind The Juno Lucina Push Gift Jewelry Collection  shows his devotion to his wife and newborn baby as well as his exquisite taste in jewelry.  I could not believe my luck when I was offered a piece of jewelry from the Juno Lucina line to review.  The Signature Pendant from Juno Lucina ($299.00) comes in a richly colored deep purple presentation box that showcases the Juno Lucina necklace perfectly.  The necklace itself is the daintiest and exquisite piece of jewelry I have ever seen.  The 14 carat white gold holds a brilliant 1/10 carat diamond and hangs on an elegant white gold chain.  It is no wonder the women who receive this beautiful Push Gift will remember it always.  It is because this jewelry is as unforgettable as the occasion it marks.

One reader will receive a Signature Pendant Push Gift from Juno Lucina ($299.00).

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  1. Melody Pendant I love this but who would’nt i would wear it all !!so beautiful and a nice gift
    Thank you for the chance gl to all

  2. I love there jewelry it is so beautiful all of what I have seen is something I would love to have they are all very refined pieces

  3. My favorite Juno Lucina product is the 14K White Gold 1/2 ctw.Signature Drop Earrings. They are beautiful!

  4. Oh my gosh…they have such gorgeous jewelry! I would have to say those signature Dorp earrings are my favorite!

  5. The entry form never did down load, however: I would like to say I love the history behind the push gift.very sentimental and special. I wish these were thought of when I was having my babies.

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