Digital Kitchen Probe Thermometer

I’ve had food poisoning a few times.  Luckily, it’s never been due to my own cooking.  Once you’ve spent a night feeling like you’re going to die just from eating food that wasn’t prepared correctly, you’ll never take chances when cooking meat again.  I always use a probe thermometer when cooking meat, but I’ve gone through a few that I just haven’t liked or that are too complicated to use.  CDN sent me their Wireless Probe Thermometer and Timer to try.  I first noticed that I love the design.  The probe itself was really sturdy, and the cord that runs out of your over to the base of the digital display was nice and thick.  The display was easy to read and to use.  You can choose to set it by time, by the specific temperature that you want to cook the meat to, or you can set it to a pre-set meat type and doneness, which is the easiest.  For example, if you are cooking beef to medium, you simply set the display to beef, medium, and the alarm will sound when it gets to the appropriate temperature.  No more over or under cooking your meat again!  Another great feature is that you don’t have to be in the same room waiting for the alarm to go off!  There’s a portable station that you can take with you throughout your house that will alarm when the internal temperature of the meat reaches the desired temperature.  This thermometer hasn’t left any features out!  This is a must-have for anyone who cooks meat on a regular basis.  Never worry about having your Thanksgiving turkey over-cooked and dry again!  The CDN Wireless Probe Thermometer and Timer takes all of the guesswork out of dinner!