I take loads of pictures of the boys typically on my cell phone. I wanted a gadget for ease to show pictures to friends while out and about. I located a company Wholesale Keychain, which had a wide range of digital’s to choose from. After researching a few of them I settled on the Green Digital key chain with a stand. It would work nicely while I am out and at my desk at home.

The main reason I picked the key chain it is compatible with a MAC. The size is terrific for my purse at 1.5 inches. It has been in my purse for 2 weeks and there are no scratches or wear. The quality of the pictures are striking with the clarity and crispness with a LCD display of 128 x 128 . Uploading the pictures is a snap with the USB cable they include. My 8 year old can even handle it.

At cub scouts, an old friend stopped by to help the boys on a project. She has not seen my 2 youngest boys and had to see pictures. She was awestruck at the key chain as she thought it was the coolest idea. All the other moms had to see it as well and loved the idea of something better and smaller.

I decided to get my husband one as well and had both of ours engraved on the back. They allow you 3 lines of text on the back. I was surprised how nice they turned out. As he works in construction it is easier for him to show off his boys with the key chain then the cell phone as he loves it.

Wholesale Keychains have more than just digitals they offer Sports, Automotive and College key chains as well. Their prices are reasonable at just $14.99 for the digital one I got is not bad. It holds up to 99 pictures and has a rechargeable battery to boot. You can find all the key chains online at Wholesale Keychains.