It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into the preparation for inclement weather, things can go wrong. Power failure is a prime example of things going wrong. Whether overheating causes shortages at your local utility supply, a blizzard covers you under snow, or even more unpredictable incidents, like say, a squirrel got caught in your neighborhood’s power line – there isn’t much you can do to ease the helpless feeling of being at the mercy of the elements.

During a blackout, there are still some hidden costs that emerge when you rely solely on utility power as your main source of energy.

Puzzle of moneyLost Revenue

At first, the primary damage seems fairly obvious. If your commercial power source fails in your business space and you don’t have a dependable contingency plan, the space will go dark. You can equate this directly to lost revenue as you have to turn away customers. From the top to the bottom, it is a frustrating sequence of events for everyone involved.

If you are a small business owner, you are losing money every minute that your store isn’t open when it is expected to be. Even in large global organizations like Delta Airlines, a 12-hour power outage cost them an estimated 8.2 million dollars.

Bob Mann, a former airline executive, said, “It should cause the organization to review how this sort of single-point failure could occur and what didn’t work as anticipated. He continued, “It shouldn’t have taken down the entire network.”

The benefit of being a small business is that when things like this occur (for the most part they are negligible situations that you can come back from) is that you can learn from the mistakes of the big guys. Don’t let a single-point failure, like a power outage, cost you so much in reparations.

Security Goes Down

In the event of a blackout, your business is completely vulnerable to attack or theft. With your security measures disabled, you are relying on any physical barriers you may have in place to keep your storefront safe. However, what’s to stop someone from throwing a rock through your window and walking in to take money from the safe? Without standby power from Generac generators, you will find that you are much more vulnerable than you may have previously thought.

Social Disorder

In today’s hyper-connected mobile world, we are completely dependent on electricity. Now, most people can wait a few hours for the power to come back on without too much fuss or concern – these things happen. But, when the power stays off into the next day, things begin to become a little worrisome, causing some people to head out to stores to “store up”.  This may cause a power outage panic in some, as was the case in Cuyahoga County during Hurricane Sandy.

In order to best prepare yourself for power outages, keep a 2-week supply of water and canned goods on hand at all times. However, the best way to prepare for any inclement weather, no matter it’s a hurricane or a heatwave, Generac generators will provide you with the consistent energy you need to stay safe and secure.