Ok, I am going to admit something to you…I am a TV junkie!  I have loved TV since I was younger and my parents let my sister and I stay up late to watch Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone!  I am fascinated with everything about TV, including how it even works and how someone can program all those shows without going cross-eyed!  With kids, a husband and a busy life blogging, I don’t get to watch TV much anymore.  I hated that I missed a lot of my favorite shows, but I wasn’t much of an electronic genius that could figure out how to record programs to watch later.  When I found out that DISH had several options for me to record my favorite shows and watch them later, I was so excited!

I have always been a fan of DISH because I feel they offer a great selection of programming in affordable packages and have a customer service team that far exceeds typical expectations.  If you haven’t heard, DISH has taken themselves into another league with their new Hopper Transfers app, which is a new feature of the highly praised Hopper® with Sling™ Whole-Home HD DVR.  This new form of DISH TV technology  allows DISH customers with the Hopper service to transfer select TV programs they have previously recorded to their iPad.  Can you imagine sitting in the car pool line, relaxing at the park or waiting for a flight and pulling out your iPad to catch up on your latest shows?  I think this new app is completely brilliant because you don’t even need an internet connection!  Other features of the Transfers app include parental locks, single or scheduled transfers and all transfers are cord free.  With a 30 minute show taking only minutes to transfer, you can’t afford not to download the app and give it a try!