Teen Beach Movie

Disney’s TEEN BEACH MOVIE is now out for DVD. I was able to see this movie on the Disney channel before it came out on DVD and was in love. It was reminiscent of the older movies I used to watch with my mom as a child with the added sprinkle of Disney magic. I have always been a fan of Disney songs, and I often have the Disney channel running in the background while I work. I admit it, I got this movie for me and not the kids. It is a feel-good Summer movie with a ton of super-cute songs with a catchy beat. Even though this mom likes this movie, your kids from elementary on up with love to dance and sing along with the duo as they crash the “live movie” and all the mayhem that ensues.


“Teen Beach Movie,” part of the Disney Channel Original Movie franchise which introduced a generation to movie musicals, follows teen surfing sweethearts Brady and McKenzie, who together ride the last wave of summer, one that mysteriously takes them into a classic beach party movie, “Wet Side Story.”  There, it’s surfers versus bikers for control of the beach hangout…and everyone spontaneously breaks into song and dance.  Now, Brady and McKenzie must try to return to present day, but their lives may be changed forever when they inadvertently alter the movie’s romantic storyline — and the handsome leading man, surfer Tanner is falling for McKenzie while biker girl Lela is swooning for Brady.

The cast includes:  Ross Lynch (Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally”) as Brady, Maia Mitchell (ABC Family’s “The Fosters”) as McKenzie, Grace Phipps (ABC Family’s “The Nine Lives of Chloe King”) as Lela, Garrett Clayton as Tanner, John DeLuca as Butchy, Chrissie Fit (ABC’s “General Hospital”) as Cheechee, Jordan Fisher as Seacat, Mollee Gray (Disney Channel’s “High School Musical”) as Giggles, Kent Boyd (“So You Think You Can Dance”) as Rascal, William T. Loftis as Lugnut, Jessica Lee Keller as Struts, Kevin Chamberlin (Disney Channel’s “Jessie”) as Dr. Fusion and Steve Valentine (Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie”) as Les Camembert.  Suzanne Cryer is Aunt Antoinette and Barry Bostwick makes a special appearance as Big Poppa.

You can see the trailer of this family flick below to see a snippet of the film now out on DVD.