Star Wars Rebels Season One on DVD

The complete first season of the critically acclaimed animated series, Star Wars Rebels is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 1st. Following new heroes through the vividly imagined universe from our collective subconscious, Star Wars Rebels fills in holes in the story told between the movies to great effect. Each cameo from your favorite canonical character will keep you looking forward to the next.

Featuring the voices of:

  • Freddie Prinze Jr. (“I Know What You Did Last Summer”) as Kanan
  • Vanessa Marshall (TV’s “Young Justice”) as Hera
  • Steve Blum (“The Boxtrolls”) as Zeb
  • Tiya Sircar (“The Internship”) as Sabine
  • Taylor Gray (TV’s “Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures”) as Ezra
  • David Oyelowo (“Selma”) as Agent Kallus
  • Jason Isaacs (“Harry Potter”) as the Inquisitor

Star Wars Rebels Season 1

Quench your thirst for all things Star Wars with the complete first season of Star Wars Rebels on DVD/Blu-Ray September 1st!


The building blocks of the mind have been lovingly stacked for your enjoyment on a virtual lot somewhere in Disney Studios. A race to acquire ancient knowledge between good and evil is fertile ground for thrills and excitement. Old friends joining up with new heroes to save the galaxy in four acts, with convenient parenting breaks built in. It’s a perfect reward for a recently cleaned room.

LEGO Star Wars The New Yoda Chronicles

The time invested in these characters is sure to pay off in popular content over the next decade, and there is plenty of room on the Star Destroyer of a bandwagon. The synergy between the building blocks and slapstick comedy is exploited beautifully. There’s something for every age group and it serves as a generational talking point.

Voice Cast:

  • Eric Bauza (Spongebob Movie, Ben 10: Omniverse, Batman: Assault on Arkham) as Luke Skywalker/Porkins Pilot
  • Michael Daingerfield (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Catwoman) as Han Solo/Admiral Ozzel/Biggs Pilot
  • Anthony Daniels (Star Wars Franchise) as C-3PO
  • Trevor Devall (Kid vs. Kat, Johnny Test) as Emperor Palpatine/Admiral Piett/Admiral Ackbar


  • Escape From The Jedi Temple
  • Race For The Holocrons
  • Raid on Coruscant
  • Clash of the Skywalkers
  • Bonus Features!
    • Alternate Ending!
      • Clash of the Skywalkers” – In this alternate version, will Luke win against the Sith Lord or will Vader be victorious

LEGO® STAR WARS: The New Yoda Chronicles comes to DVD on September 15, 2015!