DK’s Eyewitness Series Educational Books for Children

I love the DK’s Eyewitness Series Educational Books for Children. My 4 year old son, Tate, loves reading and we try to encourage that habit as much as possible. His bookshelf in his room is filled top to bottom with books as well as a big box in his closet. Every morning we go into his room to find books scattered throughout his bed that he was reading the night before. I try to incorporate educational books as much as possible into his routine. Reading is about the only time I can get him to sit down and focus on one thing.

Animal Books for Kids

Tate loves anything involving trucks, airplanes or animals so he was excited to see the animal books for kids that I received from DK’s Eyewitness Series, Predator and Flight. The Predator Book is all about animals that prey on other animals for survival. The book showcased a wide range of predators from as small as a phytoplankton to as large as a whale! Chapter titles include Eat or Be Eaten, Learning How to Hunt and Predators in Danger. The Flight Book is all about the fascinating world of aircraft. The book showcases the earliest methods of flight as well as modern aviation. My son loved looking at the pictures of the airplanes as they evolved over time. Chapter titles include The First Airplanes, The Evolving Plane and A Modern Glider. Both books, Predator and Flight, are detailed oriented with lots of facts and information packed into the 72 page books. The pictures are large and colorful and really complimented the text.

Books for Teenage Guys

Although these are mainly books for teenage guys, my 4 year old son loved listening to me read through the books and look at all the pictures! We told stories about the pictures of the animals and laughed about the pictures of the silly planes as they evolved over time. Both books came with a CD of clip art with additional pictures.

DK Publishing is well known for their Eyewitness Series, with over 120 titles such as American Revolution, Human Body and Fossil, to name a few. The nonfiction series has sold over 20 million copies and can be found in classrooms and libraries throughout the country. DK’s Eyewitness Series has enhanced their books with additions such as clip art CDs, an interactive Eyewitness website and full-color wall charts. Follow them on Facebook for the latest information on new publications.

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