Do You Believe In Fairies?


Picture in your mind a little fairy traveling the blogosphere leaving gifts for hard-working bloggers of all kinds.  Now give that mental fairy some hairy armpits, a little scruff on the chin, and an adam’s apple, and you’ve got yourself the Fairy Hobmother!  That’s right, a fairy that’s a guy!

If you aren’t familiar with the Fairy Hobmother, he’s a wonderful little fairy that travels the internet looking for hardworking bloggers to reward with Amazon gift vouchers.  The Fairy Hobmother is the brain child of Appliances Online.  Appliances Online is a huge online retailers of all sorts of appliances.  If you need it, they carry it!  Plus, they offer delivery hours for whenever it’s convenient for you, optional installation of your new appliances, and best yet, they’ll recycle your old appliances at no charge!  No more trying to ditch that ol’ heap of metal online for free just to get rid of it!  They’ll take it off your hands so you don’t have to worry about it!  I’ll be needing all new appliances in the fall, and now I know where I’ll be getting them from!  They have everything you’ll need for your home, and they have it in your price range as well!  Also, since they have videos on their website of the appliances in action, it really gives you a better feel for the product you’re getting and helps you feel more comfortable with making such a large purchase online!

The Fairy Hobmother is really a piece of marketing GOLD, so bloggers out there, take note.  The Fairy Hobmother is getting a ton of people talking about him and in turn, about Appliances Online!  Plus, if you’re a blogger yourself, you can have a chance to get a visit from the Fairy Hobmother just by leaving a comment below with your contact info.  If the Fairy Hobmother chooses you, he will reward you, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. I had a visit once upon a time too. That was a fun treat!!!

  2. Jennifer Wagner says:

    I love that they recycle your old appliance!

  3. Congrats on your visit, he always brings a smile to my face!

  4. I love fairies!
    Thanks for this info, I will have to look into this Jen!!!

  5. sssssssssssssuzanne kuhnle says:

    Yes, i believe in faries.their is one in the frink absenth. it is a green drink in translyvania.but, if you are with my lovely count dracula, he will proctect you form the fairy. if you let this drink touch your tongue, it will knock you on your ass.and i sugguest that you will take a sugar cube before drinking it. it is a wormwood drink and it will put you on a trip.

  6. I have seen the Fairy Hobmother on a lot of blogs and hopefully sooner or later he will find mine. Congrats to you.

  7. Joana A says:

    It seem like every single blog that I follow/ subscribe to is getting visited by this fairy. He seems pretty awesome!

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