dental insuranceWhile many of us have medical insurance coverage, I know that a ton of people have no additional dental insurance.  I’ve made the mistake of thinking that I don’t need it and that I’ll get by without it, but it always ends in an emergency dental visit due to severe pain that requires major work, and then I end up paying extremely high rates out of pocket.  Dental insurance is something we all need, especially if we have children.  Many people without dental insurance skip their routine check-ups, because they don’t want to pay that out of pocket expense if nothing’s really wrong.  The problem with that plan is that those routine check-ups can actually help prevent serious dental problems by catching them early and in time for you to take care of it with little or no extra cost.  I’ve found from personal experience that dental procedures are some of the costliest emergencies that can come up, and once it’s hit emergency stage, you almost have to have it fixed immediately.  Plus, many dentist offices want payment up front if you’re a cash paying customer.  Don’t get caught without dental insurance and a toothache so bad that you can’t eat.  Take the steps to get yourself and your family dental insurance today, so you can prevent severe dental problems and be covered if an emergency should arise.

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