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Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

Until recently, my husband has always been a heavy sleeper. We tease him that he sleeps so soundly that a freight train could go through the house and he wouldn’t wake up. About 3 months ago Chris started complaining about feeling stiff and sore when he woke up. He has also been getting tired early in the day and is falling asleep before the kids do! There are a lot of factors that play into how you sleep and I wanted to find out what I could to help Chris.  I found out that among the things that could be interrupting his restful sleep are what he eats and drinks before bed, what he wears, his position, bed and pillow. Chris does not drink caffeine but he does drink kool aid and that sugar can be keeping him up.  He also watches television before he goes to bed and among his favorite things to watch is wrestling,which he gets all amped up about. The other thing we realized is the pillow Chris sleeps on is about 100 years old and is lumpy as the day is long. Chris is bad about falling asleep on the couch wearing the clothes he had on during the day. If you are wearing clothing to bed that tends to be tighter than pajamas, your body has trouble relaxing. Chris is a back sleeper which not only aggravates his snoring, but it is one of the least restful positions you can sleep in. When I realized all these things were working against him, we made some immediate changes.

Trouble Sleeping

Thankfully many of the causes for his trouble sleeping were quite easy to remedy. We went out and got him some very comfortable pajamas, switched to sugar free fruit drinks and started recording wrestling so he could watch it during the day. I knew changing the position Chris sleeps in would not be an easy one, so we are working on that one!  The one change I knew we could make easily was to find the right pillow for him.  When I was sent the Cool Cerulean Waves Hydraluxe Bed Pillow from Comfort Revolution, I was excited to see if it helped Chris sleep better.  With the combination of memory foam and their innovative Hydraluxe gel technology, Comfort Revolution has got themselves a fantastic product on their hands!  The gel cradles your head and neck while you sleep so you are more relaxed. The gel layers give you a cool and comfortable temperature which has been shown to decrease tossing and turning during sleep.  I was interested to learn the fort egg crate mattress pad for retail was sold in 1986 by the creator of Comfort Revolution. In 1996, Comfort Revolution was the first to sell the memory foam mattress for retail. When you put the gel and the memory foam together, you get a Comfort Revolution! You can purchase the Cool Cerulean Waves Hydraluxe Bed Pillow from Comfort Revolution online for $79.99.

One reader will win a Cool Cerulean Waves Hydraluxe Bed Pillow ( $79.99)


  1. I don’t know how well I’d do with these pillows – it’s so exceptionally hard to find something that’s comfortable to sleep with 🙁 However, if I were to try one of these, I would try: Cool Cerulean Bubbles Gel Pad (I really need a mattress topper!).

  2. I love the hydraluxe cooling gel mattress pad. I’ve never seen this before… Now I have to have it.

  3. My favourite product is the Dream Bliss 14″ Memory Foam Mattress with a three tier system, it sounds wonderfully crafted.

  4. I love the Dream Bliss 14″ Memory Foam Mattress

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  5. I really like the Icy Violet Waves Hydraluxe Bed Pillow. It looks super nice and it is really pretty!

  6. I like the Cool Cerulean Waves Hydraluxe Bed Pillow. I have been looking for years for a pillow to keep my head cool as being in the midst of menopause is unbelievably warm, especially when I go to bed.

  7. Oops – I accidently typed in the name of THIS giveaway on the Rafflecopter instead of Nature’s Sleep Pillow which was my intention – sorry about that!

  8. My favorite is the Cool Cerulean Bubbles Gel Pad for the bed, man, we could use something like that here in Texas!

  9. I like the Cool Cerulean Bubbles Gel Pad. We would be able to keep our current bed and mattress, but still get the advantages of the gel.

  10. Icy Violet Bubbles Hydraluxe Bed Pillow, the combination of
    Memory Foam and Hydraluxe gel technology–making me sleepy
    just reading about it.

  11. I think it would have to be this one – the Cool Cerulean Waves Hydroluxe Bed Pilllow. My mattress is comfy enough, but I can never seem to be satisfied with a good pillow, and I have tried many. Even the buckwheat-filled ones. This looks like it might actually help me sleep!

  12. My favorite product is the Dream Bliss 14 inch thick memory foam mattress. Yes, I am dreaming about owning one!

  13. I think I would like the Cerulean Bubbles pillow. I don’t know, I’ve never tried these pillows, but I sure do badly need a new one and I don’t sleep well

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