Do You Know How To Apply Your Lipstick?
Do you know how to apply your lipstick?  Now, don’t be getting mad and insulted at me!  A recent study showed that more than 65% of women are not applying their makeup correctly.  I was pretty surprised at this but then I wondered if I was in that number!  No one ever taught me how to put my makeup on and we didn’t have the internet to help me.  For Pete’s sake, I was raised in the 1960’s by a hippie who thought lots of blue and green eye shadow was pretty, so go figure!!  Since my lips are one of my best features, I decided to do some research and I wanted to share some great tips I found.

Do You Know How To Apply Your Lipstick?

  1. Exfoliate: Many women get those dry, flaky chapped lips that make putting on lipstick difficult.  Take a soft toothbrush and lightly scrub your lips, removing all that dried skin.  This will give you an even and smooth surface to start with.
  2. Lip Liner: You can use your lip liner to outline your lips as well as a base color for your lipstick.  Be sure to choose a complimentary shade that is two shades darker.  If you have thin lips, this will make them look fuller.
  3. Brush: Makeup artists worldwide will tell you to buy yourself a good lip brush and to use it instead of applying the lipstick directly.  You can get better control with a brush, which will make the overall application more even.
  4. Dab It: A little dab will do ya!  Once you have applied your lipstick, dab with a Kleenex on each side and the middle.
  5. Color: Probably the most important part of applying lipstick is choosing the color.  Make sure you choose a color that compliments your skin tone, not the color that you think may look good on you.  That is usually the color that will not look the best on you!  Give your lips a bit of a gloss to get them noticed and nourished as well.  One of the leaders in the makeup industry is Jane Iredale, and her makeup is popular worldwide.

Choosing The Best Lipstick

Choosing The Best Lipstick

I think there is more to choosing the best lipstick than for the color alone.  I prefer products that are cruelty free and are organic when possible.  I especially love makeup made with botanicals, which is what you can find in the lipsticks from Jane Iredale.  The Lip Fixation in Passion ($30.00), which is one of 7 colors, is a cherry red stain that has a clear gloss with it as well.  Not only does this lipstick look good, but it is good for your lips as well!  With the botanicals in the product, they naturally sooth you lips and makes them feel amazing. To put a really glamorous touch on your lips is to sprinkle a bit of the 24-Karat in Gold Dust ($12.95) from the Jane Iredale line.  This unique product, which is also one of 7 shades, gives your lips (or hair, skin, eyes) a shimmer that is subtle and beautiful.  My 14 year old is just beginning to wear makeup and I love that the Gold Dust can give her a pretty glow without going over the top.  I love these products and look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

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