Dog Bowl To Slow Down Eating

Bowser and Milo act more like little piggies than dogs when it comes time to eat.  They scarf their food down so quickly that I actually worry that they’re going to choke.  I started searching for a solution, and I came across the DogPause Bowl.  Their website states that the bowl slows down eating and helps reduce vomiting, gagging, gas, belching, and bloating, so it looked just like what I was looking for.

These bowls are larger than your normal dog bowl, and I was worried that they were only for larger dogs and wouldn’t work on my little guys, who weigh around 12 lbs each.  The bowls have what they call “Slowzones” which basically divides the food into four sections with little walls in between the sections and the cute dog head in the middle.  They work by making the dog slow down to eat around the raised walls.  They’ve been clinically proven to slow down eating by 50% or more!

I filled them with the normal amount of food, and made sure the food was divided evenly between the four sections.  Before the DogPause Bowl, Milo (the white puppy) would eat his entire bowl of food in less than 30 seconds, and Bowser (the black dog) would take about a minute.  I know that can’t be good for anyone.   With the DogPause bowl, Milo took 2 minutes to eat the same amount of food, and Bowser took 3 minutes!  I was so happy with the results!  Not only is this healthier for Milo and Bowser, but it also allows my other dog, Bentley, who is much smaller than them, much more time to finish without being harassed by his brothers.  After finishing each section of food, the dogs had to reposition themselves slightly to get to the other sections, which slowed down the eating process.  In addition, the bowls have been designed to slide just a little bit, thus further slowing down eating.  DogPause bowl works with either wet or dry food, and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Whether your dog is big or small, I think that this is the perfect solution to the dog who scarfs down their food too quickly.  The design works really well, and they look cute, too!  My other dog bowls are gone now.  I’ll be using the DogPause bowl from now on!

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