Mason holding Jennie-O

A few weeks ago I went shopping at Walmart for Jennie-O turkey products to make the switch from a plethora of pizza and fast food to healthier options.  I started out by buying a ton of products from Jennie-O. You can see my shopping trip in my Google Plus Album. Mason picked out the lean turkey breakfast sausage links so of course we made breakfast with them the next day. They taste as good as they look. Piping hot and finger-licking good!

Jennie O For Breakfast

I knew that my husband would not deter from ordering pizza if I did not get creative with our meals. In addition to the sausage, I also bout a ton of ground turkey and started to create his favorite take-out recipes using turkey instead of pork and red meat. I created the  Jennie-O Turkey Steamed Potstickers Recipe which was so good, I am having a tappas party where the potstickers are going to be the highlight. My husband did not even realize I made the switch and was thrilled with the results! Success so far! We were on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Jennie - O for lunch

I also made Vodka Turkey Lasagna. I wanted to make a lasagna for the ladies and their children at ACT, a local abuse shelter, but I was not allowed to go to where the shelter was for reasons that were not so obvious. I never really stopped to think about how these people have to literally hide from their abusers. So much so that the shelter is hidden to keep them safe. Donations for the Abuse Counseling & Treatment Center are to be received through the Second Act Thrift Store. So I decided to bring my meats there as I read on their site they needed frozen meats. How perfect right!?

Did you know that just donating your spare change can help change a life?  Second ACT Thrift Store is owned and operated by Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc. a non-profit agency serving victims of domestic violence and their children and survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking in Lee, Hendry and Glades Counties.

Children living in these violent homes have a 65 to 75% chance of becoming abused themselves.  No one should have to live with abuse or live in fear of being abused or killed.

While shopping at Second ACT consider giving your extra change or round up your total purchase and help us help those living in a violent home have a chance at a life free of abuse.  

Second Act Thrift Store

Well, as I was thinking about the fact that I had to go to a thrift store, I started to think of other things I could donate. Ugh! This would require cleaning. Then I opened my pantry and realized it could totally use a good cleaning. You can see how bad it was and what it looked like after. I was excited that this SIMPLE service project I was doing for my community had benefited my family in so many ways. My son, Jakobi, asked why I was bagging all of our food up and I told him that other people needed it more than us and he was interested. We talked about how some people have more than others and that it was nice to share. It was cool to see him grasp the concept and try to share his toys too.

Cleaning out the closet

After cleaning, I came up with four additional bags of groceries to donate to the shelter. We needed the space and they could use the food. I also had a full grocery bag full of Jennie-O hot dogs, turkey meat, and breakfast sausage links that I purchased from Walmart with our estimated Make The Switch savings of $59.

I ended up with 4 bags of groceries

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy to be able to help another family. The ladies at reception were so nice and if you are ever in Fort Myers and want to buy some neat second hand items, check out The Second Act where all the money goes to help our local abuse and counseling shelter. Since they also accept toy donations, we are now in the process of cleaning out the boys’ rooms for toys and the baby furniture. Check out the #JennieOCFK to see what the other bloggers did as their SIMPLE Service Project. You can help too! Check out Jennie-O CFK Project Card which tells you ways YOU Can Help!

  • GATHER your family, friends, and co-workers and challenge them to give up something they don’t need for one day and pooling the savings. Have a friendly contest to see who can contribute the most!
  • LEARN about the nutritional needs of children in your community by inviting a school nutritionist or a pediatric dietitian to talk with a local organization you participate in, or with your family, friends and co-workers.
  • GIVE the savings to a school nutritionist, teacher or social worker to help provide nutritious food or nutrition education to children in your community. Send us your report at so that we know how many people were involved and how many children you helped! Post your stories and photos at so that we can celebrate your participation! It’s that easy.
  • SHARE your story at to help us reach our goal of mobilizing 20 Million people by 2020 to become Champions for Kids!
You can find more information at the Champions for Kids Website, @Champions4kids and Champions for Kids Facebook

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