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We send our kids off to school and trust they are learning all the appropriate subjects. We get intermittent reports of how they are progressing from their teachers throughout the year. We get report cards, mid-term grades and daily or weekly work and behavior reports. My husband and I have always been very involved in the kids schooling, so we are not one to just take these reports as the gospel on the kids progress. We learned the hard way with Henry these reports can be sent home and they do not accurately report if our kid is doing well in school or not. If you prefer to do a little at home investigating yourself, here are a few simple ways you can find out at home:

3 Ways To Tell How Your Kid  Is Doing In School Pin

3 Ways To Tell If Your Kid Is Doing Well In School

  1. Let Them Read To You: If you want to test their aptitude for reading, instead of reading to them, let them read to you. This is a great way to see where they are with their reading skills. If you want to test their reading comprehension, ask them questions about the story and see how well they understood what they read.
  2. Take Them To The Grocery Store: If you want to test their math skills, take them shopping! Ask them to add up prices, figure averages and choose the lowest or highest priced items. There are a ton of math opportunities lurking around every corner of your super market!
  3. Play An Educational Game: One of my favorite ways to test how the kids are doing in school is to play a game with them. We have several games to test their reading, math, science, social studies and other skills. One game which will help you cover all these bases is the “Are You Ready? Game Show®” games from Lakeshore Learning. I was able to test Henry’s readiness for the 5th grade easily and we had a lot of fun doing so!

Lakeshore Learning

I am a big fan of Lakeshore Learning as evidenced by my many reviews I have done over the years. Recently, I reviewed something for Henry in my “Top Toys For Boys” and for Caitlin in “How To Foster Artistic Expression In Teens.” This time around, I wanted to see how we were doing with our homeschooling and the “Are You Ready For The 5th Grade” game, which retails for $30, was perfect for us. This game includes 6 fun games where kids get to be game show contestants. They compete to win “cash” by correctly answering match and language questions. Once they complete a game, they can win a reward coupon for the prize of their choice. Once you have completed the game, you can get an online assessment of where your child’s progress is based on the game results.

We were able to see Henry needed some help in math and which specific areas we needed to work on. What was really awesome about this game is Henry has the best time playing it and he had no idea I was actually investigating if he was doing well in school. The Are You Ready? Game Show® game is available for 1st through 5th grades and you can get $10 off by using the code “9141” or by clicking this store coupon, which expire 7/31/14. Be sure to stay current with the latest from and follow them on Facebook and TwitterOne USA reader will win one Are You Ready? Game Show® game ARV $30.

How to you gauge if your child is doing well in school?


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